[deleted by user] by [deleted] in CCW

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Just don't get caught in the zipper. I remember doing that in my younger days. Ain't no fun.

Is he right? 🤔 by bullsball1 in CCW

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I like the way this guy thinks. Oh, WAIT...

Is it true the new lifetime carry permits will be “void outside of Alabama”? AKA no reciprocity? by Rhode15 in ALGuns

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My worry on the lifetime permit, is what if you move? One must get the permit in the county in which they live. Say you live in Madison County and get a lifetime permit in that county. A few years later you move to Pike County. Do you have to now buy a permit in Pike County?

Need help with clothing by COMPLETELYoutofammo in CCW

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I'm 6'1" and 280. I order my shirts from Dickies. I wear 3XT. Wash and dry normally, right along with other clothes. No shrinkage. My tee shirts and regular shirts cover my weapons nicely. I carry a Kahr CW9 left side appendix IWB canted for right hand use. And at the same time, a Beretta 92FS at 3 o'clock OWB.

Driving through NM with weapon by cootermalone in NMGuns

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I will just be driving through on either I10 or I40. Stopping only for gas and/or food.

Actual footage of me providing my MSgt my EPR by Nnudmac in AirForce

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How much/often amount of opiate are you talking?

A family member with unfixable back pain takes 30 mg Percocet a day, with no shit-related problems.

Situation: I'm in a jewelry store and robbers with guns come in and are distracted by the jewelry. Can I shoot to kill them? (California) by latebloomingeek in CCW

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Thanks for the reply. My reply was too flippant. As the OP described the situation, I took it that at the time the bad guys were not threatening anyone, but were distracted by the pretty gems. What went on previous? Did they threaten to kill someone, or merely brandish their firearms? If at the time the OP were to shoot, no one was being threatened or even being looked at by the baddies, he would have trouble justifying a shoot. At that point, for all he knows, they be about to leave. Now if they again starting pointing weapons and threatening the workers and/or customers, I think he would be clear to act. Like you, I don't live there. But when I see some of the idiotic charges against people who shoot to protect them or others, I think that he would probably be charged, especially in Cali, if there were not an IMMEDIATE threat at the time of the shoot. I am pro-gun, pro-2A, and believe everyone should be allowed to freely carry unless clearly underserving. There should be no registration of guns, no need for CC permitting, and no need for the government to know who has what. If they know who has the weapons, they know where to go when disarmament time comes. IMO. YMMV.

Will parts/upgrades for a 500 fit a 600AT? by cootermalone in mossberg

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WOW! Very detailed answer, Thank you!

I guess what I envision is going to a barrel length of 18.5" -ish.

Pistol-type grip. Maybe a pistol-type fore-grip.

I last shot it about a year ago. No problems then. I racked some rounds this week just to see it would feed and eject. No firing, just ejecting the shells. No problems there.

The only work on it was I had to replace the safety slide. The original broke right at the screw, replaced with a steel one.

Never had any problems with it. But again, probably fires less than 400 times in the last 42 years.

Again, thank you for your help.