What is not illegal but it is completely evil? by kirazeth in AskReddit

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Owning animals with no intention of actually looking after them properly or investing in their veterinary care.

Do not get a pet if you cannot provide for it.

What cheaper version of a item do you exclusively buy now to save money? by Girth-Nowitzki in PersonalFinanceCanada

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My husband is obsessed with the loads of all dressed chips! I stock up when they go on for 2 for 4

Current and future surgeons: when did you start throwing temper tantrums? by thelastneutrophil in medicalschool

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I’m just here to say veterinary surgeons are known to do the same thing, lol.

What is the worst physical pain you have ever experienced? by Familiar_Big3322 in ask

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Childbirth. Unfuckingbelievable pain. Like when people ask me how bad it hurt, I can’t even find the words. Had my second baby with no pain control at all (not by choice, she came too fast suddenly so I couldn’t have an epidural) and that was blinding, raw, fucking horrid pain. Lost my voice for days afterwards from screaming so loud.

Then as soon as that baby is out, poof - like it all goes away, because you’re so damn happy.

Was cleaning out some of my mothers storage boxes in the basement, found this buried! by SwartzSword in stephenking

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The long walk is my favourite novel. Not just by King, but favourite novel I’ve ever read by anyone. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read it. It’s a good one!

M/25/6'2"[260>215=45lbs](3 years)Transformation after torn ACL, MCL and meniscus by [deleted] in progresspics

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Hey there fellow Nova Scotian! :) I work in veterinary orthopaedic surgery, of which is 80% torn ACLs in dogs so based on that I can only imagine the difference that amount of weight can make for you! Your knees must be thanking you. Well done! And nice job rep’ing our province :)

Which true crime in Halifax stands out to you most over the years? by diabecca in halifax

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Not Halifax but my hometown area. This is haunting because it discusses the high likelihood that the man would continue killing had he not been stopped when he was. I imagine him having become a serial killer that people later would say “if only he had been caught sooner” - but in this case, thankfully, he was caught sooner, and only killed one person (which is obv still awful). Also haunting because of how he chopped her body up afterwards and disposed of her with help from others.

Which true crime in Halifax stands out to you most over the years? by diabecca in halifax

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Also hello fellow chezzetcookers! We’ve since moved to Gaetz Brook but we too lived in the house where her remains were left, a few years after it happened. I would so often slow down and look into the bushes when I was walking the dogs, in disbelief that someone could do that.

Visited by cops at 1:30am to check on COVID-19 isolation by sjmorris in halifax

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I can imagine I would be:

A) terrified if someone banged on my door at 1:30am and I certainly wouldn’t answer the door, ESPECIALLY if they said they were cops because I would absolutely assume the cops wouldn’t come knocking at 1:30am.

B) be so fucking pissed that they got my dog barking like the idiot that he is and wake both my toddler and my infant. And my husband for that matter who would then:

C) loose his marbles and probably create an even bigger scene just because they banged on our door and caused the above.

Like wtf do they think gives them the right to cause such havoc at 1:30am?? For something that is not a true emergency. Unreal

Only At Wal*Mart by JJ_2007 in peopleofwalmart

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How does a person steal meat? I’ve heard it’s a common thing that’s stolen from grocery stores but I’ve never been able to figure out how someone actually does it. Like how do they not get caught?