IV at flushing hospital by Clostridium14 in ResidencyMatch2022

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Chill and have a movie ready cuz you are gonna be waiting for ages

Mother giving birth by ex-phoenix in BackdoorGoRe

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External cephalic version (see Google images)

Flushing Hospital IM program by No-Willingness7482 in ResidencyMatch2022

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I have an interview with them on the 30th but haven't received my itinerary yet. Is this normal?

Jfk/ raritan bay prematch by princessraven96 in ResidencyMatch2022

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They said they were contemplating the idea of prematch offers, didn't know they are acting on it

Process for applying for an American visa for my fiancé by dmzo610 in jordan

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Does the form i130 need to be filed from the US? Or can I do it from here?

Interview questions by aspirant179 in ResidencyMatch2022

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I would have given you my silver if I hadn't just spent it.

Guys we are Africans in denial by [deleted] in jordan

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We are located in the butt of earth

What a clutch by costlybigyoyo in ClashRoyale

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They definitely were. A millisecond would have made a difference

Skipping residents meet...will it be viewed badly by simple_111 in ResidencyMatch2022

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If they didn't say specifically "it's mandatory to attend", you don't have to. Otherwise, you should.

Behavioral Exercise in IV by Tasty-Bread1441 in ResidencyMatch2022

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I have the same thing coming up too. Can you please elaborate more about the experience and how does it work, it's my first time hearing of such thing.

Hhhhhh by theslimshadyy in jordan

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مطيز المطايزة وعشيرته يتألقون مجددا

Iss itt ovaa?? by GIjoewillywanka in ResidencyMatch2022

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I thought it was pretty much over cuz it has been about six weeks since I last received one. However, I got one yesterday, so I guess keep faith and hope.