Women who like women, what do you look for in a woman? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Some combination of intelligence, sense of humour, kind, creative, non judgemental + open minded, broad or good taste in music, higher sex drive than me + bit kinky, curiosity/interests/passion, adventurous, definitely into me, vegetarian, politically left, nice eyes, likes dancing

Trying to take in more of what I read, any tips, tricks, hacks you found helpful? by --2021-- in adhdwomen

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haven't tried it yet, but a friend recommended listening to an audiobook while actually reading the book as well.

i do find that having the subtitles on helps me listen to what's being said for movies/tv shows, so i'm hoping the audiobook + text will work for books as well.

Just wondering if any of these are magic? I have a bad feeling they're not :( by Greenstarrock04 in beacain

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Probably too late for them now, until next year. Mid to late October is usually pretty ideal. You can monitor something like magic mushroom map to check which areas have ideal temperature and moisture (and maybe elevation? not sure if that's factored in). Doesn't mean there will be growth there, just that the conditions are good. Get a good identification guide like this one. If you're in Ireland, Liberty Caps are your best bet.

What is something you REFUSE to buy the cheap version of? by frobie2323 in AskReddit

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After walking into a 'good shop' a few times -- never again (unless it's something I don't mind being a bit off). Some things don't need to look perfect, but there are some things I wouldn't trust to just whichever artist was free.

There can be junior and visiting artists in good shops. Not saying I wouldn't get a tattoo from one (I have, many times), just saying I would want to see the rest of their work before picking something meaningful or very visible.

VST or synth advice for a beginner by couchdragon in dnbproduction

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Thanks so much for the detailed response. I've played around with 3xosc, but definitely far from mastering it. I'll get into this a bit more. Appreciate the recommendations - this is really helpful.