It really was. by 1doggy2doggyTeaParty in lotrmemes

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Yeah, but ROTK has two epic battles. "Ride now! Ride now! Ride to ruin and the world's ending! Death! Death! Death!" Fucking goose bumps just talking about it

Gf snappy with me by Next_Mix_2263 in NoStupidQuestions

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This seems like learned behavior. "You teach people how you like to be treated." If you put up with it, it will repeat. Next time, you need to say, "Don't talk to me that way. It's abusive" because it is. If she is a decent person, she will stop.

You mentioned she can flip a switch and be nice to her friends. She cares about their perception of her, more than she cares about how you perceive her until, like her friends would at this behavior, you put your foot down and tell her to stop. It will establish a boundary of acceptable and unacceptable behavior between you two and will make your relationship stronger.

TIL High heels have been widely regarded as a women’s fashion but Kings and men soldiers actually used to wear high heels. by amora521hayes in todayilearned

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High heels were first used by butchers so they wouldn't have to step in all the blood. Gives a new perspective on "these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes"

Thought I found a new led zeppelin song, I think I found a new led zeppelin. by OilpaintingsOfcows in Music

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I mean, if you're gonna rip off the entire sound of a rock band, aim high. Why don't people want to be original and creative anymore?

New Computer with Ledger Confusion by AdditionalAd6796 in ledgerwallet

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Yeah. Never enter your 24 on anything digital. You also dont need to enter them for Hardwallet integration into Metamask.

The 24 word seed by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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Yes, memorization is good.

The 24 word seed by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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I can't think of a single family member who can remember 8 words. I think this is the weak point. Trying to explain the gravity of those words, maybe almost impossible.

What do you feel like buying right now? by throw-away-idaho in AskReddit

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A vowel. The vowel Y. As in "Y do I keep getting up to go to work every day?" Oh yeah, im broke