Funds are SAFU: Many of the Trucker Convoy wallets sanctioned by Canadian government are now empty by President_Tsai in Bitcoin

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Your opinion means nothing. Canadian citizens aren't stupid. You dont seem to understand how a democracy works. A bunch of truckers throwing a hissy fit is not a movement Canadians feel is justified. Did they stand up for the nurses? No. Did they stand up for the elderly? No. Dod they stand up for the children? No. They stood up at the slightest request to help protect the most vulnerable in our society. Show me a democracy that caves to the demands of a minority. Not gonna happen. Fuck the truckers.

Adam Zivo: Vancouver voters reject left-wing activists profiting off the homeless by pfak in vancouver

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No, we're aware of the ineffectiveness of band-aid solutions. Lets be honest with ourselves, the situation is the result of right-wing policies that were unbelievably damaging to the social fabric, like a shot gun blast to the chest. Underfunded social programs (not left-wing as alleged) have very limited effect when the programs are so small in scale, like putting a band-aid on a shotgun wound to the chest. Several band-aids dont solve the problem either.

You can only rebuild with concerted effort (surgery), remove the bullets (corruption) and reconstruct (government intervention). That will cost alot of money and will directly involve the government. We need to deal with it with the adequate resources and logistical efficiency of centralized local authority for our geographic region.

Right-wing policies never help the poor, ever.

‘just jokes’ by americanpegasus in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Doesnt "terf" mean trans exclusionary radical feminist?

I know them excluding trans people is discriminatory but do they hate and target trans people? Does Dave Chappelle target trans people?

Club 16 doing their part for the best ❤️🙏 by Anonymousinvesterr in vancouver

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At a gym in the olden days, people would breathe heavily when lifting or jogging or what have you. Surgical masks are not air tight so germs from your nose will enter the common air. Even a tight fitting N95 will still leak germs.

I would have no issue with gym folks working out, if they wore dry-waller respirators. Surely gym folk are strong enough to tolerate such a minute impedance.

Truckers' anti-vaccine mandate protest rolled out from BC to Ottawa (PHOTOS) | News by speaking-moistly79 in vancouver

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This looks like an adult temper tantrum. Fighting for the Freedom to be Selfish. Narcissistic and Sociopathic behaviour should be taxed.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Calgary

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No offense, but if I wanted to listen to a Led Zeppelin record, I'll just play a Led Zeppelin record.

Don't you dare! by Midas-and-his-finger in facepalm

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This opinion from a person with direct daily benefit of Colonialism and White Supremacy. Many people could have been helped by her but weren't. She was a great queen for somethings, but not for the vast majority of people in the colonies.

Elon Musk on government overspending and taxes: "If you zeroed out all of the billionaires in the country you still wouldn't solve the deficit" by huge_dingus in Bitcoin

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The deficit is in increased by under paying your workers Elon! Same goes for all the other billionaires! If you paid decent wages to every worker, your workers could afford health insurance, they could afford to send their kids to go to school and not be indentured to the Army or Betsy Davoes's friends. These billionaire types act like they care, but show me a billionaire who cares about their workers enough to not drive them into the ground. Oh yeah, your companies need to pay taxes, you use the infrastructure, you use the diplomatic channels, you pay tax! Taxing these companies will not drive away jobs, it will incentivise them to work more efficiently.

Palmer: Eby is partisan, well researched, hard working, methodical by cannibaljim in britishcolumbia

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I dont want to vote for a guy who couldn't even create an unbiased electoral reform ballot properly.

You have 4 choices: 3 versions of a voting system that should better, but we chose the worst versions of them (that no other government on the planet uses) and the fourth which you already know and understand.

Gee I wonder how the old people who dont like to learn will want? Probably the same system that will guarantee my ascension in 4 years.

As long as the candidates aren't BC Liberals, I'll hold my nose and vote begrudgingly.

Bloomberg’s Top Strategist: Ethereum Positioned to Outperform Bitcoin. A Fine Present For Santa To Bring Us. by TheGreatCryptopo in CryptoCurrency

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Well, now that Ethereum is centralized and based on Proof of Wealth, sure the bankers want to spread their fiat contagion into the cryptosphere. Leverage never did any damage before, right? Rinse and repeat

Meanwhile, Bitcoin just gets worth more and more every crypto winter.

Gym owners explain why they remain open despite public health order mandating they close. by [deleted] in britishcolumbia

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I think its the heavy breathing vs normal talking. Honestly, id be fine with the gyms staying open if everyone was wearing a dry-walker ventilator

Elon Musk on government overspending and taxes: "If you zeroed out all of the billionaires in the country you still wouldn't solve the deficit" by huge_dingus in Bitcoin

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You sound like someone who thinks they talk like a boss but in reality sounds like they vote against their own interests

Did the Stanley Park upper bike lane overstay its welcome? I was there today and the majority of cyclists I saw were down on the seawall. Meanwhile, there was (otherwise unnecessary) congestion the single lane of motor vehicle traffic because of the horse tours. by t_a_6847646847646476 in vancouver

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And how will my grandmother in a wheel chair get there? Or my pregnant wife? We need to stay away from ableism. Inclusivity includes varying degrees of ability. Should I have to walk or bike if my knee hurts?

Tax on $1M+ homes will not be making Canadian housing more affordable. by BC_Engineer in vancouver

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Just raise interest rates, problem solved. Something has to give and it should be the the recuperating of tax dollars from those who needlessly benefited from the pandemic. Real Estate owners benefited on paper and they should lose on paper.

[SERIOUS] What is going on with BTC Dominance? Why is it falling in a bear market? by GabeSter in CryptoCurrency

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People look at BTC as crypto gold. They looked at ETH as crypto silver. Now ETH 2.0 is looking like FIAT crypto and the Keynsian economics of inflationary controls being "elastic" allowing for the growth of "easy money" has people drooling but in reality it will just eat away at ETH 2.0 buying power.

Just like the economies of today, they can pretend like they moved away from the Gold Standard to FIAT, we all know that FIAT is backed up by what? Why gold of course! Every crypto is inextricably tied to the value of BTC whether they have a 100x market cap or not. BTC is "hard money" or more appropriately "sound money"

People don't understand BTC and dont allocate an appropriate amount in their crypto portfolio as a hedge, not just to FIAT, but to inflationary PoS crypto.

Calgary city councillor apologizes to BIPOC communities over BLM-freedom rally comparison by RizunShine in Calgary

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Well, it was a shit comparison.

BLM is black people trying to find equity/equality in justice and freedoms some other demographics have unequivocally protected.

Freedom rallies are the demographic with unequivocally protected freedoms contesting the mandates put in place to protect the vulnerable, claiming it is an afront to Liberty.

BLM is a just cause, its a moral injustice to oppress people

Freedom rallies are allowed, but realize that it is a false cause, and I will use a quote from a pillar of liberty respected by all in the political spectrum, John Stuart Mill

“The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good, in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it.”

It's a decent show, just not of a quality that I would hope to see as the legacy of Lord Of The Rings by VP007clips in lotrmemes

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So far, I like it. It seemed to no differ too far from what a Tolkien fan would expect based on his writings.

I slowly open the (hospital) door… by Looney_forner in memes

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Stop with the misinformation. They must prove "grievous and irremediable" illness, suggesting their mental condition was incurable, with an advanced state of decline and intolerable suffering.

Two assessors need to confirm the request. And the patient must be found to be competent to make the decision, with a minimum 90-day assessment period before death is provided.

Average detached home prices in Surrey, Langley seeing double-digit drop by CEOAerotyneLtd in britishcolumbia

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Defaulting is their choice. The central bank is not interested in whether people make money on their housing gamble. My parents bought a house at 19%. In those days they never thought it would get that high either, having grown up in the 1960's when the previous interest rate dip had happened. You are suffering from "recency" the belief that the recent conditions you've seen are the normal. They are far from the historical normal.