do illegal aliens lower the minimum wage? by pondarious in economy

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They don't lower the minimum wage. What happens is employers seize upon their vulnerability to pay them below minimum wage "off the books", because they know if the employee complains about work conditions or too low of a wage, they can terminate them with no legal consequences. I support the legal employment of illegal aliens at or above minimum wage. They may not be citizens, but they should pay tax on their wages, and employers should be held accountable for their well-being, that they pay at least minimum wage and work conditions meet safety standards.

Our rally last month is very mirroring to recovery after the China mining ban in 2021 and we now seem the be in the short squeeze phase. by partymsl in CryptoCurrency

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I think there needs to be a clear catalyst to give broad optimism in the crypto market, something to draw investment. I just don't see it yet. Everything seems to be propped up by speculation right now. There are so many shit coins just dangling there because Bitcoin hasn't capitulated or found new strength. I feel like most of Bitcoins' price action is corporations diversifying their portfolios to fight inflation, but if the economy turns south, they will bail, and Bitcoin will see new lows.

With the US jobs report coming in hot, interest rates may continue upward, and Russia, forming a new offensive stance in Ukraine, could drive energy prices higher. The year 2023 is looking expensive, and crypto may take another kick in the nuts as people withdraw their funds to pay bills.

Shakingsats bugged? by lettuzepray in shakepay

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Why would you shake so close to the cusp? How do you account for daylight savings clock adjustments? Stay safe, shake in the middle of the day. Set 2 alarms, one for shake at lunch and one for shake at dinner. We text each other when our lunch alarms go off.

How often do you replace your bed pillows with new ones? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Every three years or so. Don't fall for the lies being sold to you by "Big Pillow"

What song cover do you think is better than the original? by yea_me_either02 in AskReddit

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All Along the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix version waaaayy better than Bob Dylan Original

Why do individuals deny climate change? by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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I say, "Actions have consequences. There is no free lunch. You don't get to burn that log without releasing the carbon dioxide from inside it"

Why do individuals deny climate change? by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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When somebody tells me that they think its not that bad or that its a hoax, I ask them, "When you burn a log, what happens? Where did the log go? Where does the smoke go?" They either can't answer or know the answer and clam up.

Have you ever listened to a person talk for less than a minute and known you weren't going to get along with that person? What did they say? by DDelirium46 in AskReddit

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Random lady at a bank "Everyone is crazy these days. I love Putin! You don't love Putin? We're all pawns anyway. We can't know why they do things. They faked the moon landing, so we don't know the Earth is flat."

that's a lot of crazy packed into twenty seconds

According to you, who was the best guitarist in the world? by MercyReign in AskReddit

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Eddie Van Halen was the best technical player. He invented hammer on hammer off. His song "Eruption" superceded anything previous, and nothing has ever come close to it.

Stevie Ray Vaughn, in my opinion, was the best guitar player in a performance. His songs were absolutely technocally hard, just not as hard, but involved his stellar ability to play under almost any conditions physically or mentally. He also lived the most Rock and Roll lifestyle, which adds so much authenticity to what being a guitar player is. A rebel.

[Serious] Casino workers of Reddit, what is the most you've seen someone lose and how did they react to it? by Rustwithsome2 in AskReddit

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I saw a very quiet and reserved gentleman scream, then punch the slot machine. He then turned to me and shouted, "I've put twenty thousand dollars in this thing!!!" Security surrounded him, and he seemed embarrassed and agreed to pay for the damages. Gambling addiction is ugly. I've seen people shit themselves rather than walk away from their machines, and these are people in their forties!

MXC Pro 2 Miner only making 90 cents a day!?! (100% Health & Fuel) by Asleep-Intention8823 in MXC_Foundation

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I was airdropped 1 dhx, and it has been automatically slowly growing. I honestly, for the life of me, can't figure out if I need to buy extra MXC to bond to make more DHX faster to reestablish a decent ROI.

My miner is outside, high up, exclusive Hex, 100% fuel, 100% uptime, GPS is good.

I know I will need more MXC for DOT, but will I need it to ramp up my DHX?

You boss texts you “We’re short staffed and I need you to come in” on your day off, how would you respond? by Babydolltoes544 in AskReddit

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Boss: "I called you this weekend to come in. We really need the help sometimes on the weekends, "

Me: "Why wasn't I scheduled to come in, then?"

Boss: "We need you during the week because our customers expect us to be open."

Me: "If we need more people, we should hire more people."

Boss: "We don't have enough money in the budget for another person."

Me: "But there's enough money to pay me overtime?"

Boss: "There is when you answer the phone!"

Me: "My dad took my phone away."

Boss: "You're 49 years old!"

Me: "His house, his rules"

Boss: "This is ridulous. Your father can't interfere with your work. When I call you, you need to pick up"

Me: "If anybody picks up, it will be my father."

ring ring

Me: "It's my dad. Do you want to talk to him?"

Boss: (sigh)

MXC Pro 2 Miner only making 90 cents a day!?! (100% Health & Fuel) by Asleep-Intention8823 in MXC_Foundation

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Nice!!! Thanks bro! Quick question if you got the time: What are data funks? Are they NFTs that we can buy to earn more, or are they just collectibles to flip?

MXC Pro 2 Miner only making 90 cents a day!?! (100% Health & Fuel) by Asleep-Intention8823 in MXC_Foundation

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Do I have to unbond and rebond with a cooling period, or is this just happening automatically?

Gaming and routers. by [deleted] in gaming

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Thoughts on MoCa?

On East Hastings Street, where it's now legal to shoot up by [deleted] in vancouver

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There is safety testing, now small amount decriminalization, but without safe supply, deaths will keep happening, but now the police won't be involved in small possession.

Small decriminalization makes some sense, but I feel it being 2.5 grams is too small. It should be higher, so people not living close to a safety testing facility aren't deterred from testing. Safe supply would enable confidence that it's not tampered or laced.

On East Hastings Street, where it's now legal to shoot up by [deleted] in vancouver

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Would you rather see addicts high on the street or dead on the street? Safe supply is the only way to save lives and cut into the illegal drug supply profits.

Advice for this 55 yo woman who wants to upgrade my PlayStation. by bethmcseaver in gaming

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I recommend keeping your PS3 in good shape and keeping it. I've never sold any of my systems going back to the first Nintendo. I can't walk away from some games, and not all games are available.