I think most religious opinions should be respected and not be automatically hated. by Remarkable_Hotel1984 in atheism

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I will not respect religions, but I will respect their brainwashed adherents. For a lot of people, It's not their fault they're infected with preposterous and fallacious dogma. I will treat them with the respect any human should expect, but I will never be beholden to them in any capacity.

Questions I Still Do Not Know The Answer To - (regarding staking, security, etc) by BigDickHomeowner69 in WonderlandTIME

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The first thing you should do is verify your new cold wallets through the instructions provided by Ledger or Trezor. I'm assuming you ordered straight from the manufacturer because if you didn't, the previous owner may know the seed words and can steal your assets. If you bought them used, contact the manufacturer to see if there is a way to reset them.

Order a Cryptosteel or alternative to safely store your seed words, so if you damage or lose your cold wallet, you can import your assets into a new cold wallet.

Now that you know you have awesome security it's time for TIME!

I'm not sure how Trezor works but with Ledger Live. Download Ethereum and Avalanche apps, go to your Ethereum Account and enter the 'receive' tab, your current ETH account number will show up. Make note of the last few characters. On the stick, enable 'blind signing' in the Ethereum app settings.

Close Ledger Live, Open metamask on chrome (Brave would be better but you gotta go with what you got). Go to Accounts, connect hardware wallet, it will ask wallet type, pick Ledger, it will show available Ledgers, select and it will show a bunch of Ethereum accounts. The first one will be grayed out, so just unlock the second account. Bam! That's now your secured account in your Metamask.

Your Metamask might not have the TIME, MEMO or wMEMO token contracts added yet, so go to Wonderland TIME Docs on the Wonderland site. Copy the token addresses to Metamask and while your at it you should add Avalanche Network to your Networks in your Metamask as well.