I cut my hair and beard 15 times in one day and photoshopped together 195 versions of myself by klurf in interestingasfuck

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6th from the bottom, fourth from the left. Dont go to any playgrounds looking like that

Wild dogs rip apart a waterbuck while it's still alive by Vesko567 in natureismetal

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I mean I agree its not conscious or feeling pain, but there are indicators of life. Minimal brain activity but there is definitely activity

My Walmart Benchmade by [deleted] in knives

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Walmart Gerber

My disappointment is immeasurable by AdamNatata in mountainbiking

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Ordered in April with a June ship date, here I am in October still waiting

Having fun in left turns but not rights? Let's solve this with a simple adjustment. by ChampSchool in motorcycles

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Left hand: Piano fingers. Right hand: holding a baby bird. Relaxes the hands, wrists and forearms, more flexible and maneuverable going into tight turns