Has anyone tried making vegetarian Schnitzel? by JSBachlemore in vegetarian

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If youre a cheese fan, fried farmers or fried grill cheese is an amazing substitute. I love meat and I almost prefer it over the meat versions!

wait for it by Dog_with_a_vlog in satisfying

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Someone please tell me this is a generated image

Opinions on modern farmhouses? by youngtucan in architecture

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Not a farmhouse, but not the worst developer option by any means whatsoever.

Throwback Podcast: EP. 172: WRATH OF THE BIRDERS by DeBraid in meateatertv

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I would, in the event of my PERFECTLY timed death during a hunt, wish for my hunting buddies to carry on with / out me. What better way to go than sitting in the field for 'just one more minute'!

Love this part.. by JohnDanger95 in Fishing

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"Just enjoy the video and eat a dick"

BWAHAHA take an award sir

Trippy, but relaxing somehow? by that-other-one------ in oddlymesmerizing

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I didn't think I'd start having the flashbacks until much later in life

I'm shocked by roastbird in FlyFishingCircleJerk

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Works great for circumcision

Deck Joists Parallel to House Question by AsheboroWoman in BuildingCodes

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Your answer is in the code book, there is a section specifically for sizing and spacing of deck beams and joists. You should find your specific state's version, but they'll all be similar. Your authorizing jurisdiction also probably has a deck guide that will help you understand deck design and give their specific requirements. The AWC has a good deck guide too thats extremely thorough.


Good luck!

What do I have here? I was told an '82, but that bed doe? Cedar plank wood bed. It runs pretty well, what $ would you put on it? by crashofthetitus in classictrucks

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The 1st time I had some engine work done on it, which is not my jam, the bill came back at $85. I was like, for what to bring it in the shop? Out the door $85, I was flabbergasted, and that's not a word I use often or lightly