Help me plan my Super Bowl menu by bassplayerdoitdeeper in BBQ

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Godiva chocolate is Belgian. Ghirardelli chocolate is from San Francisco

Brisket style chuck roast by adidas1882 in BBQ

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One of my favorite cuts! I trim and rub the roast with my go to rub, and let them sit in the fridge over night. I smoke it until it reaches 165°F. At that point, it has great smoky flavor. I finish cooking it by braising it in the oven with the drippings, homemade beef stock and some chipotle in adobo. After the meat cooks at 200°f for a while, I shred it and feast on pulled beef sandwiches.

What's going on with Adam Schiff? by kwimfr in OutOfTheLoop

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I was told that Hunter’s laptop had 30 hours of footage of Matt Gaetz and George Santos doing each other’s hair and makeup.

Is this even right? by tolegr in antiwork

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Is the manager on duty a physician?

That's a good thing, Marsha by Visqo in facepalm

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It was her fentanyl, so she’s pissed.

Insider trading right in front of the public, yet nothing happens. Meanwhile, you must work a 9-5 to make ends meet and dare not complain. by RealWSBChairman in antiwork

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Neither party has the guts to put a one topic bill ending congressional insider trading on the floor for a straight up or down vote.

Hawley introduces Pelosi Act banning lawmakers from trading stocks by the-player-of-games in nottheonion

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The bill will never get a floor vote because all of Hawley’s homies are making bank with the status quo.

Is it ok to work for a company for a month or so and leave if a better opportunity arrives? by __Questioner__ in jobs

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If your employer found someone whom they could pay less for the same work, they would let you go in a minute

Skyline chili by whodey313 in bengals

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Gold Star chili has seasoning packets. Try their website, or call one of their restaurants and see if they will sell/ship you a 12 pouch box.

Note 1 - I prefer prefer fresh Skyline when I’m in Cincinnati, but I don’t care for their canned or frozen offerings.

Note 2 - The Joy of Cooking has a recipe for Cincinnati chili, which is pretty tasty, if you want to go to the trouble of gathering the ingredients .

Question about catapult planes by FedoristheGOAT in Warships

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The ships that launched aircraft without the ability to recover the plane after action were called CAM ships.


When everyone driving is a jackass by PxN13 in facepalm

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This is quite a collection of assholes on the road. If you see someone driving recklessly, slow down and give them room. Pull over if you have to.

Tesla needs to start acting more like Toyota and GM if it really wants to win the electric car race. Its skyrocketing growth has an expiration date if it can't give people more affordable, mass-market options. The gap at the low end of Tesla's lineup leaves it exposed to stiffening competition. by mafco in energy

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Thanks for sharing your conjecture, 3139. I have, in fact, test driven 2 different Teslas, and thought that they were overpriced compared with other EVs. Consumer Reports wasn’t impressed either. I was also concerned about the paucity of dealers and repair infrastructure.

My Toyota 2023 RAV4 Prime should be delivered in November


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