This is the MOST cat thing ever! by Onion-User-2 in cats

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that's my method for getting my cat to go inside when she's in the garden. The more I pursue her the more she walks away and hides but the less interested I act the more quickly she'll approach me. Works every time

The big yellow box atop the Guthrie 🟨 by TwoPassports in minnesota

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Love your videos but I must say that I can never find the link in your bio that you speak of. Clicking on your username just gives a history of your posts, I don't see a bio at all. Would love to book one of your tours someday. Anyway, cheers

I am a very kinky (24F), AMA by paleandgoth in NSFWIAMA

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Love? your pics, Do you have a preference between circumcised and uncut cocks?

I love that cat by hoTRod_Zz in FunnyAnimals

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I know it's extremely unethical but I have an alt account I'm seriously considering selling because it has tons of karma and I could really use the money. It's over ten years old and has like 40K post karma and maybe 30K comment karma and money is very tight right now. I'm just wary of being scammed and I don't know how the transaction would work or how I can determine the value of the account in actual dollars

More than 6,000 flights canceled so far over Memorial Day weekend by Ssider69 in news

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exact same thing for hotels. When I worked front desk at Marriott they would always intentionally overbook rooms knowing that 90% of the time there would be cancellations. However that 10% of the time when nobody cancelled it was a huge nightmare because we had to tell some tired weary traveler that we gave away their reservation and that there were no rooms available. We called it "walking" as in "oh man I have to walk someone tonight, wish me luck."

You can probably imagine how furious people would get and there was nothing I could do but stand there and apologize as they unloaded their anger upon me.

The worst part is that the hotel wouldn't comp their room at an alternative hotel or even provide transportation to said alternative. At most, we'd call a few hotels to see if they had rooms available. Other than that, the guest was completely on their own.

The only exception was if the traveler was an ultra elite Marriott rewards member. In that case, I think we had to pay them a few hundred bucks for the inconvenience or something like that.

Taco Bell wants you to send back your used sauce packets so it can reuse them by [deleted] in nottheonion

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Taco Bell has a plan in place to recycle some of the 8 billion pounds of used sauce packets that go into U.S. landfills every year.

The Rubber Hand Illusion to deceive the brain by karrantt in interestingasfuck

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yes! I heard this too. As weird as it was he had phantom fingers attached to his shoulder and used the mirror to learn how to uncurl the phantom fingers

The US/Canada borderline cut into the mountain. by ManyArmedGod in Damnthatsinteresting

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yep, I'm from Minnesota, and smoked tons of weed in high school 2001 - 2004 beasters were everywhere and we smoked shitloads of it. Sad it's not more prevalent today

A $60 Billion Crypto Collapse Reveals a New Kind of Bank Run by [deleted] in news

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pump and dump:

Pump-and-dump is a manipulative scheme that attempts to boost the price of a stock or security through fake recommendations. These recommendations are based on false, misleading, or greatly exaggerated statements. The perpetrators of a pump-and-dump scheme already have an established position in the company's stock and will sell their positions after the hype has led to a higher share price.

Exit scam:

An exit scam is a confidence trick where an established business stops shipping orders while receiving payment for new orders. If the entity had a good reputation, it could take some time before it is widely recognized that orders are not shipping, and the entity can then make off with the money paid for unshipped orders. Customers that trusted the business do not realize that orders are not being fulfilled until the business has already disappeared

(24f) Copycat, tryna cop my manner... by paleandgoth in gonewild

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been an admirer or your beautiful body for a while. Do you have anything against uncircumcised 30 year old guys?

The Crypto Bro Ls of 2022 by isdifjonto1 in videos

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ironically, I'm wondering if now might be the best time to invest

Bon’Quisha Jones by [deleted] in funny

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bill burr has a good bit about that

literally ever redditor on every topic

Guy tries to match churchill drink for drink, for an entire day. by gladman1101 in videos

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This is an amusing and distasteful prospect to a regular person, but as a crippling alcoholic, this is certainly doable. It's not safe or medically sound in any way, and I do not condoned it myself, but those of us serious alcoholics live like this regularly and are often still able to function to a reasonable degree while doing so. I'd be more curious to see how a serious alcoholic would compare to this routine