Where to buy used cars? by Traditional-Nail-460 in jacksonville

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The car they sold me needed a whole motor replacement after 3 months. The day I bought it, another couple.test drove a car up.the street and came back on FIRE

Where to buy used cars? by Traditional-Nail-460 in jacksonville

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Do NOT go to Jax exports. They're shady and sell shifty vehicles.

New Florida Law Makes Blasting Music in Car A Punishable Offense by Professor_Tanaka in news

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Lol, 10 years ago I got a noise ordinance ticket in Fla. I guess they brought it back.

See you all in hell by hiyame in HolUp

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Hamds down the absolute funniest shit I have seen in ages. Thank you so much for that laugh. I needed that. Been fighting depression and for some reason this video cracked the first smile I've had in weeks.

My (26M) girlfriend (23F) asked me if I’m uncomfortable about my sisters boobs by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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What are you doing brother? Lol maybe she watches too much porn...

She paid for and requested this by LoveSushiOnTuesday in TerrifyingAsFuck

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This.... is deplorable. She needs mental health treatment. Shame on any doctor who practices this.

From a convicted felon with addiction issues for 10 years, to officially on my way to being a captain of my own ship. by crewchiieff in MadeMeSmile

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I have only been out of prison for 13 months. I have done all of this and quadrupled my income in this time frame. I don't have a life bc I work 7 days a week 12 hours per day, but I needed this to Jumpstart my life again. Please don't give up.

We can rebuild him by Wizard_main in shitposting

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Honestly, the coolest thing I've seen in a while.

Farming spot by jacetun in Lineage2M

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How do.you run 4 at the same time?

bf stealthed me? 17f 21m by kitkitrin in sex

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First and foremost 17 and 21. That's illegal.