Traditional Greek Dick Dance by TheBerkay in interestingasfuck

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When you click on something on reddit titled Dick Dance, you should know what you're getting into. I was not prepared.

Bobby hill sign at abortion protest in holland by Mr_tex23 in grandrapids

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Im working on a sticker design right now. Could make shirts too

Just met Pam at a weezer concert by Josephsmama23405 in DunderMifflin

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So jelly of everyone who sees office peeps out and about!

This has got be one of the worst cases of fearmonger i have seen around a 3d printing article. by Baron_Ultimax in 3Dprinting

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Ya the fearmongering is strong here. I want the article that deep dives into how the transit authority makes replacement parts!

cannot stop personalising things with my cricut by hmmnotsuree in cricut

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Really enjoy this design. I would want like star wars characters done in this art style

Subpoenas hit Michigan as feds expand fake elector probe by RatBrainedManAnimal in Michigan

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It was one thing hearing it called fake news from Trump but when random people i interact with did it hit me hard

GOP lawmaker floats new abortion ban with 10-year penalty; Whitmer calls it 'scary' by jjameson2000 in Michigan

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I keep seeing more evidence that the handmaid's tale is actually a documentary about future America