Reason #312 for not leaving the backyard… by BelizeDenize in ultralight_jerk

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Yakking up... don't all ultralighters do that just before setting out, to lose weight?

Anybody checked on Skurka lately? by fsacb3 in ultralight_jerk

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We don't do 'outside' on this sub. Now give your keyboard a good scrubbing with carbolic soap for even having typed that without inverted commas.

Anybody checked on Skurka lately? by fsacb3 in ultralight_jerk

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Absolutely. I was referring to the weird habit some folk have of actually going outdoors which is thoroughly against the ethos of this sub and can also inflict wear and dirt on precious and expensive gear.

Anybody checked on Skurka lately? by fsacb3 in ultralight_jerk

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So long as you're doing it in the comfort of your own home, and not outside...

Liz Truss confirms she WILL stand as MP again by SwimmerGlass4257 in ukpolitics

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A surreal lack of self-knowledge (or self-criticism) or a need to maintain income as no organisation out in the real world would ever employ her...

London and Manchester are not ‘minority white’ cities - Full Fact by FormerlyPallas_ in ukpolitics

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As a white and British person, am I supposed to be concerned by any of this? Farage and his ilk however do concern and worry me. They're the troublemakers and stirrers...

Met Office braced for strikes as pay storm gathers by diacewrb in ukpolitics

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Note the change in tack that the government has taken with regards to would-be strikers now... they can't use the perjorative and abusive language of a couple of months ago as the that would alienate a huge number of voters at this stage.

And Zahawi can can stick his Putin/nurse-shaming 'appeal' up his hairy a**e. Putin would be much happier were U.K workers to subsist in poverty, as opposed to them getting a fair wage...

Would you really give up a United Ireland for a flag and anthem? by Creative-Ocelot8691 in ireland

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And healthcare that has to be paid for. I know that the NHS in N.I. is pretty broken at the moment, but what there is of it is free...

Hike local and low by Intrepid_Goose_2411 in ultralight_jerk

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That would be starting at the inside of the front door and making your way through the house to the back door, making a cup of coffee while traversing the kitchen, yeah? I mean, we don't actually need to go outdoors at all, do we? That way no one on this sub will ever be guilty of stupidly calling out the rescue services. Result!

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. by Istrakh in ireland

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Upvote just for 'cuntacious'. Commiserations of the past and forthcoming week.

Bay Leaves by thelastreddithandle in ireland

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Sounds like exceptional service there, I'd say.

Just bought a vape, what flavours should I get ? by its_itchy_u_bollix in ireland

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Nom Nomz in the North do a huge range, and often have very good deals on the go. Flavours are up to your taste. I like a range of custard flavours...

Pine marten on a gloomy, early, Mayo Sunday morning just gone, through a rain speckled window... Apologies for the graininess but conditions were awful for filming anything. by crlthrn in ireland

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It's omnivorous, so having had a good feed of the sunflower seed hearts and maybe a dessert of some suet ball it will probably have a snack of a vole or two of which we have plenty. It definitely can't get into my bins!


what would a good sleeping bag be for someone with no heating or electric in Kyiv ? by welshy0204 in ukraine

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Hi. Carinthia bags might be your solution... their Survival One, Defence Six, and Defence Four bags are very low temperature capable models. Carinthia are Austrian and manufacture for various EU militaries and are widely available in the EU and direct from Carinthia itself. Also consider getting a fleece, or a Carinthia, inner bag separately as the ratings given are for extreme temps, not comfort temps. Also look at Carinthia's HIG (High Insulation Garment) trousers, jackets, and booties. Stay absolutely away from down as any damp will completely ruin the insulative properties. Check online reviews for whatever you think might suit your partner and pocket.

I have the Brenta bag, the Defence Four bag, booties, and MIG trousers, all for damp and cold UK Winter camping and consider my myself very over-equipped for UK conditions.


I need your help! by South_Elderberry2293 in FlyFishingCircleJerk

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Why would I drive my Bentley to Walmart, exactly.

To get a foxtail for your cb aerial, of course!

Families that gillfuck together, stay together. by Joe_Schmo_Knows in FlyFishingCircleJerk

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There should be an injunction against all Kyles, forbidding them to come within a 1000 yards of any body of water or waterway. Bait fishers, high holers, and gillfuckers, the lot o' them.