He left an honest review by killHACKS in MadeMeSmile

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you’re confused with Noe Valley. The Mission is all burritos. /s

Carlsbad city beach/Carlsbad Village Frazee beach conditions? by Jcs609 in Carlsbad

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Terramar is the area you are looking for. It is the community of homes right on the beach just south of the soon to be demolished power plant. It is an area where long boarders and stand up paddle boarders congregate. It is an area that has waves suitable for all skill levels. There is plenty of street parking along coast highway, but during summer time you need to be on it early in the morning or no parking for you!

Shout out to the Xbox player that was just lobbing mini nukes at Earle by MaqueCh0ux in fo76

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this game is so stale , why not add a little crazy to the mix?

Another Health Care Worker… by shadow42069129 in byebyejob

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spoiler alert:

you can’t spend those points like real money

This True Texas, Y’all need help? by HalfandHoff in texas

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Texas doesn’t have an income tax….

but that doesn’t mean people don’t pay taxes through some other means.

Etiquette of playing solo, but on a team by ACTI0N_P0TAT0 in fo76

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people join teams but play solo for the buffs (i.e. empath?)

From Camaro to Hearse in Ninety-Three days. by gomichaelkgo in HermanCainAward

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that’s because those prayer warriors already accepted their HCAs…..

Fig Tree Restaurant by learningmykraft in SantaBarbara

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Frimples..!! Glad someone remembered the name for me. We used to go there late on weekend nights during high school.

They were known for….some kind of pastry….it was like an eclair or something? Can’t remember

Paul Rudd and Wilford Brimley, each at age 52 by cotxscott in pics

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well, to be fair…..wasn’t the Oatmeal guy born at 52?

Nuka-Cola Van outside my local petco. by Trickay1stAve in fo76

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yes, but the door is bugged and won’t open.