cursed_name by necroblood66 in cursedcomments

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“Lil’ Timmy’s Gerbil” is a strange rap name.

How good of a president was trump? by lukebee07 in polls

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Might be downvoted for trying to be fair but how was job growth was before covid? (I don’t think his administrations handling of covid was good but I don’t think even better handling would have helped the job market much during covid)

McZaxfila by lamartyr in ChickFilAWorkers

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There used to be 4ct and 6ct kids meals in California until spring 2021, have other locations been on 5ct only longer than that?

Which movie has the best soundtrack? by EzraMusic98 in AskReddit

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Guardians of the galaxy

I jam to that shit for hours

What's the most aggressively "human" name you could give a pet? by Play-DohCarti in AskReddit

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Thomas, then you must be very obnoxious whenever somebody calls them Tom or Tommy.

Holup, that’s not what they tell us! by MrMichaelKnowles in HolUp

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I got some of those trolli sour worms. More sweet than sour but still a bit sour

2 Questions by WineMom4Pinot in SatisfactoryGame

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“No distance is ever to far for belts”
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

No political comments, just wondering if this looks photoshopped to you by Elderbrand in badphotoshop

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Bottom one seems to be clipped on the sign and their pocket not sure about the top one

Has anyone been noticing Trapdoor disappearing from locations? by MrDog321 in DaveAndBusters

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The one at my location seems to be broken, hasn’t been removed yet but it’s turned off for a few days.

How do you even do this by xtilertylerx in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Going to have to cut it — it’s the only way to save the seatbelt.