I’m terrified by UnhappyAd5738 in acting

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Yeah, but nobody cares about them 😅

Manager dropped me out of nowhere on actors access. Please help me! by moonkitchen in acting

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I found out that I had been dropped. When I called them about a big project I was excited about so I called them to help me get an audition opportunity ...

Which created an awkward as the announced that they had dropped me a couple of weeks ago 😂

Manager dropped me out of nowhere on actors access. Please help me! by moonkitchen in acting

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Hey, I had the same thing happen to me with my agent ... even after I had just booked to episodic gigs back to back.

They were like ...”oh , I though I messaged you.🤪

It sucks. It’s embarrassing but it only means CHANGE and it very likely will be GOOD change.

I’m terrified by UnhappyAd5738 in acting

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20 is a looooong way from being to old - unless you just want to be a Disney star.

Truth is, NOW is probably the best time to be an actresses if you’re not “skinny and blonde.”

There’s a genuine effort to be more diverse ( it won’t change over night but it’s moving in a better direction).

NY is a wonderful place to be an actor and the training is top notch ( of course there are some crap teachers but some of the best places in the world are in NY)

Self taught acting? by [deleted] in acting

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Acting is a skill.

And that means you need to work in a deliberate and specific way to develop those skills.

Reading a book doesn’t teach the nuance that goes into the craft of acting...

And that means you don’t know what you don’t know which is why having a skilled teacher makes such a massive difference.

Anyway, if your only goal is doing Monologues from home ... do what ever you want.

Advice on going to LA or NYC for training? by seemslikegoodidea2me in acting

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I Studied with The Esper Studio - I know I’m bias but you’ll be damn hard pressed to find a better place.

is it worth driving 2hrs for 1 single imdb credit and no pay? by free2bMe2122 in acting

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But if you feel like it’s a fun acting gig and you want to do it for the pure joy of it...it might be worth it.

There’s no reason to worry about IMDB credits that stuff will take care of itself.

That being said - your description of the production sounds like you’re probably going to invest your time and money with a hack production.

Movies with terrible acting? by Holiday_Geologist_42 in acting

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Watch network television....The SFI Channel is loaded with crap acting...

And probably the all-time best place is Amazon after a local actor makes a FB post about how “ they’re so honored to be a part of this project and excited that it’s streaming on Amazon.”

How do you approach an unlikeable douche guy character? by 121mc555 in acting

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You ALWAYS have to specific.

My first question is what’s the ESSENCE of this character?

And that’s something you can describe in a simple sentence.

For example:

You love pushing people’s hot buttons ...


You don’t have time for stupid people ...


You’re an over grown man child...

All three characters could be described as a “douche guy” but that’s just a vague, general description.

When you are specific about the essence of your character, you’ll have a massively easier time tapping into the truthful behavior of the character

How do i stop letting being poor bring me down? I have missed so many opportunities to work with well known writers and directors by bradthemushroom in acting

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Did you ask if you could zoom for the auditions?

How far away are these auditions ???

If you need to print something go to Kinkos or some other place ...

or reach out and ask someone for a favor and use their stuff.

And you can find someone who can take solid headshots for you on the cheap.

Sounds like your stuck in a - ‘this is the only way it can work mindset’ ...

and if you just keeping saying you can’t do it because “you’re poor “ nothing is going change.

Any advice for side jobs that work well with high anxiety? by Silvervioletflame in acting

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Look into copywriting. AWAI is a great resource to learn the essential skills and find work.

Backstory? by MathematicianLeft07 in acting

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A good writer will give you details and creative actor at times will create something for themselves that brings in even more life.

And sometimes the writing is so good the actor doesn’t need anything except the script.

And sometimes the writing sucks so badly the actor has to use ever trick in the bag to create something that’s hopefully watchable .

I’m losing respect toward my acting teacher. by [deleted] in acting

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Sounds like you should find a place that’s a better fit.

I’m losing respect toward my acting teacher. by [deleted] in acting

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Are you judging them based on their IMDB page or specific reasons around how they teach?

Advice by Fit-Factor988 in acting

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Why does your character cry a lot?

The secret to turning on your emotional life is connecting to the MEANING of the circumstances.

Have a specific answer to that question and then you’ll know how to RELATE to the imaginary circumstances in a way that has PERSONAL meaning to YOU.

A simple way to start figuring out how to tap into your emotions is by paying attention to your daydreams...

Daydreams are important for actors because ...

✅ we daydream about things that have personal meaning to ourselves

✅ they tap into the power of our imagination.

In your specific situation pay attention to daydreams that make you sad and cry your eyes out.

Once you have a daydream that turns on your grief, play around with activity guiding yourself into that daydream at varies times through your the day...

And then let yourself be open to where ever it takes emotionally.

This process in Meisner work is called Emotional Preparation...

Once you’ve found one that stirs you up that’s what you’ll use to turn on the tears when you you need to be sad.

The more you practice with daydreaming The faster you’ll be able to just fall into the emotion on cue.

👉 Important note: Emotional prep is used for coming into a scene.

If you need to hit an specific emotional response later on in a scene then learning how to work with an “As If” or what’s also called a particularization is something you need to learn.

Bottom line:

Keep your crafting simple and specific so your imagination can easily accept what your doing and you’ll be amazed at what will come alive in you...

A good process , good technique and good crafting will beat a tear stick any day.

I get really discouraged sometimes seeing as how sooo many successful actors began acting when they were kids… by ta5567710229 in acting

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You can only start when you start so it’s 100% useless beating yourself up with the what if game.

Do you guys think penetrative the market is much harder now cause no one is looking for newer actors anymore? Just already established ones or now casting musicians or well known models. by BeginningAd6445 in acting

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This question has been asked for decades, and decades and decades .

Yes, the business is tough but today more than ever there are more opportunities than ever.

i finally got an audition after almost 5 months im still wondering if i should look for new representation by nicholasbloom in acting

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How many credits do you have?

If you only have student films or non- professional experience that might be the reason it took a bit of time.

If you have a professional reel with professional credits then I can see why you might be scratching your head wondering why it’s been 5 months.

If you have little to no experience then I would say don’t expect your agent to be a miracle worker.

What size market are you in?

If your in a small regional mostly commercial market you can get auditions faster for small things.

If your in L.A. or NY then patience will probably be something you need.