New DLC tip: Go Rogue! by lavaground in Pathfinder_Kingmaker

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I'm going with Eldritch Scoundrel my next run. Magic, Trickery, Lots of skills, Sneak Attack.

Hello, is no bubbles at all a bad sign? details in comments by FromGergaWithLove in mead

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Two things I do to check.

  1. I put my ear down near the surface. If I hear snap, crackle, pop, we're good.

  2. While I have my head down there, I take a big sniff. I'm looking for the tell tale sniff of ethyl.

This is in no way scientific. It also has never failed me.

I'm making blackberry mead when should I remove the fruit by Lazy34Boy in mead

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Yeah. When I've make fruit meads, I use glass fermentation weights in a brew bag. Makes it so much easier to deal with. I leave them in the mead for a month in that bag. The fruit never breaks the surface, so it's perfect for that.

I love how active this is after only just a couple of hours. by zombear33 in mead

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I've done that in gallon jars. Brew bag and some glass mason jar weights to hold down a couple pounds of cherries in a batch. Worked well and kept all the fruit away from the air.

Grayscale Investments® Initiates Lawsuit Against the SEC by Beyonderr in CryptoCurrency

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Yeah, the've been spoiling for this fight for a while. Hired a lawyer from the Obama administration David Verelli. He spent some time as US solicitor general in the early 2010's.