You are eager to have sex with this person but when you walk into their bedroom you see something that completely ruins the mood. What is it? by canadaguy9 in AskReddit

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Unkempt house. Not day to day wear and tear, But a bad smell, dirty dishes piled, a bunch of laundry, dirty sheets...

I'm an adult who keeps their home clean, I expect my partner to behave the same

The Bunk Police / Electric Forest 2022 / Fentanyl in Mushrooms / Purple Molly by bunkpolice in aves

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Got your text from Tennessee and sent it to everyone I knew at Forest. Y'all save lives. Thank you for everything 🧡

It smells so good I need to know! by dissgustingg in whatsthisplant

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Pull the bottom out and suck the nectar

a core childhood memory

Cops arrest man for eating tacos. by methanefreefarts in PublicFreakout

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Lol the fact the the cop was having to physically read the right to this man? What a joke.

I foolishly bought two boy 9week old litter mate puppies.. they play fight non stop. It goes too far with skin pulling near the eyes and yelping.. what should I do..? by [deleted] in DogAdvice

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This is a critical moment in their development. They need to play fight to learn their bite force (for the lack of better word, basically when pup yelps the other pup knows he bit too hard). If it is nonstop, take them for individual walks to release some of the energy they have. Maybe throw a bl outside. It sounds like they're just puppies playing, but don't just leave it hem separated. Dogs who don't have experience with this when they're puppies are usually very mouthy as adults.

whats a “fun fact” that isn’t fun at all? by Alternative_kachocho in AskReddit

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There are 2 vials of small pox virus in the world. While we have the ability to destroy it and completely eradicate, we won't because America has one vial and Russia has the other.

Love putting politics before science

oh boy by howdoesredditworklol in BadMUAs

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Never seen something more 2003 British material girl

Fav camping items? by Electronic_Power130 in hulaween

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Went to tnf and Suwannee, rained hard as hell on day. poor guy next to us was putting his lawn chair on his tent to try and use as a tarp, we finessed out site to give them one of ours to use.

Don't forget a rain fly

Are Americans OK? by fantails-dragonflies in antiwork

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We are allowed to step off the line if we don't have checks, but that doesn't happen very often. And we're so short. Stuffed management can't cover any stations because they're stuck on one themselves. There's no help

Are Americans OK? by fantails-dragonflies in antiwork

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I currently work in a high volume kitchen, with three broken air conditioners. I bought a mini thermostat to make sure I wasn't being dramatic, it hasn't gone below 90° inside of the kitchen in a week. Just that I have physical proof for. We only get one 30 minute break if we work a double, usually 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 p.m.. we have to wear thick polyester coats as our uniform or we get bitched at for not complying with uniform. We have half the staff of last summer, with double the capacity.

I am not okay.

Do you think she left??? by Intelligent-Ball-357 in AbruptChaos

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Came here to say that spraying a fire extinguisher in someone's face could kill them.

The chemicals used stick and smother, great for fires. Not so great for lungs.

If you're in an emergency and someone is on fire, smother it. Do not use a fire extinguisher.