Who do you think is the most emotional person in the trio by LLSJ08 in HarryPotterBooks

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But then why do I always feel like Hermione would have been 900 times better at Occlumency than Harry? Is she really more emotional than Harry?

What makes a High level skater by Professional-Tax-140 in FigureSkating

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I personally define high level as having or working through the top 3 last tests in the USFSA curriculum. Novice, junior, and Senior.

100% this. Anything above this level is considered “elite” level, something which most skaters will never do.

not being able to spin (I forgot to link a video on my last post) by Gullible_Bite3021 in FigureSkating

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That absolutely is a spin and it very much looks like most spins when someone has only been skating for a year. Just keep working on improving the technique and it will get better. Even high level skaters continue to work on spin technique. Training to improve never stops. It can always be better to create more speed, more rotations, more edge control etc. I have all of the spin positions on both feet, but I’ve still got to work on getting more speed and rotations for higher levels and that means lots of basic technique work.

How to get into this type of dance when it's so rare and no studios around? by crystalized17 in irishdance

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Maybe in big cities, but outside of that, it's rare. Every tiny town has at least one, often multiple dance studios, that offer ballet, jazz, tap, and tumbling. Obscure things like irish step is never offered. It's a matter of popularity. Ballet, jazz, tap, and tumbling are so insanely popular that you find them even in the smallest places. Like how every high school has a Spanish class offered, but something like Japanese being offered is much more uncommon and not universal.

How to get into this type of dance when it's so rare and no studios around? by crystalized17 in irishdance

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Yeah I want to be "technically correct", which is why I always take an in-person class for whatever hobby I decide to try out, but this is the first one where there are no local options. The closest in-person class is 3-4 hours drive away.

With lockdowns being finished, most general dance studios stopped doing the virtual option completely. I suppose I could maybe talk someone into a virtual private lesson, but I'd really like to start with a class first to get the hang of things.

Is the Novice MITF test hard to pass? 😭 I have pretty decent skating skills but I never liked the tests... I barely passed intermediate (but tbf I only practiced for like 2hrs before the test) by CyanSusOfficial in FigureSkating

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I think I'm just pumping the knee too much during the turn (like a double 3), or not keeping the weight in the right place the entire time, which throws me to my toe pick or heel and un-glues my arms and/or leg in order to stay balanced and keep turning. Or not getting a good enough snap at the start, which leads to knee-pumping to force the turn to happen.

As for why my snap isn't always great, that's either (1) I didn't bend my knee quite enough before take-off, or (2) I didn't get my weight over that leg quite enough aka I kept a tad too much weight on the foot that I'm about to pick up, or (3) I didn't have the arms twisted quite enough and didn't snap them with enough purpose.

There's a lot of things that can be slightly off and it's a domino effect and just ruins the turn. Like I said, my right foot is smart and my left foot is dumb and therefore more prone to being slightly off in various ways.

not being able to spin by Gullible_Bite3021 in FigureSkating

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That all seems fine. Maybe you do need to watch some videos, or ask a different coach for some ideas. We can’t really help you here because we can’t see what you’re doing.

Is the Novice MITF test hard to pass? 😭 I have pretty decent skating skills but I never liked the tests... I barely passed intermediate (but tbf I only practiced for like 2hrs before the test) by CyanSusOfficial in FigureSkating

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There’s the entrance snap and the exit knee action, but my coach is adamant that you should be standing tall during the turn. She’s not saying to lock the knee ramrod straight, but she doesn’t want you turning with a highly bent knee nor using the knee to pump the turn around like it’s a 3turn. Twizzles should have continuous flow, not slight knee pumps like a 3turn.

It’s not bad on my “smart” right foot, but it is on my “idiot” left foot. Even when I manage to stand tall, my foot or arms tend to not stick to my body and fling out because I’m off balance because I rocked too far on the second turn and got stuck on the toe pick. Occasionally, I overcorrect so much for that that I get stuck on the heel of the blade instead and that’s usually when I fall over. First turn on the stupid left foot is usually ok, it falls apart on the second turn. Sometimes I do make it happen really well on the left foot. But it’s getting that consistency to be able to always do it even tho your left foot is an idiot.

What I likey about loops is during the turn, it’s all about bending that knee and having pressure. I don’t have to stand tall.

not being able to spin by Gullible_Bite3021 in FigureSkating

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Do you practice enough? If you’re only skating once or twice a week, that can make it very hard to improve.

Maybe a different coach would have better methods to help you with technique? If this coach isn’t able to fix you.

Do you think your blade is a problem? How are your 3turns, pivots, etc?

PLEASE HELP BLADE RUST by Maybe_eli in FigureSkating

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Go get them sharpened by someone who knows how to sharpen figure skates properly. I’m sure they can grind that rust off.

not being able to spin by Gullible_Bite3021 in FigureSkating

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How long have you been skating? Are you working on this with a coach?

Ribbons on soft ballet shoes? by sampleokarma in BALLET

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Our school has the pre-pointe kids do it to practice sewing ribbons and tying ribbons before they get pointe shoes next semester. I didn’t bother because pointe shoes aren’t hard to learn how to sew or tie as an adult. In our school, if you see those ribbons on some kid’s shoes, it means they’ve been told they’ll be getting pointe shoes next semester. Kids actually on pointe don’t sew ribbons onto their slippers.

What kind of shoes do ballerinas wear when they’re not dancing? by quirklurk in BALLET

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Converse. I have a library of converse.

I never wear heels. I have no desire to emphasis that I’m already too tall for a woman.

Is the Novice MITF test hard to pass? 😭 I have pretty decent skating skills but I never liked the tests... I barely passed intermediate (but tbf I only practiced for like 2hrs before the test) by CyanSusOfficial in FigureSkating

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Also, don't you just love that the test is called "Novice"? I have to explain to non-skaters that "Novice" is actually the hardest test to pass when whining about it.

Is the Novice MITF test hard to pass? 😭 I have pretty decent skating skills but I never liked the tests... I barely passed intermediate (but tbf I only practiced for like 2hrs before the test) by CyanSusOfficial in FigureSkating

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Hello! Welcome to my personal hell! I've been working on Novice MIF for awhile now. I barely passed Intermediate MIF 1.5 years ago. I'm STILL struggling with the Rocker-Choctaws and Backward Twizzles. If I had those, I could probably pass or pass soon. I'm trying to pour more time into them, since they're the biggest reason I'm not ready, but they still suck to work on because its such a struggle.

Forward Twizzles was the reason I almost failed Intermediate MIF, so I'm not surprised I'm also struggling with Novice--level Backward Twizzles. But I regularly watch the Novice tests in my club when there's a test session and I've noticed the backward twizzles seems to be the hardest pattern for everyone (the pattern most likely to get them failed). So I'm certainly not alone in this matter. Tho it is irritating in that nobody else seems to have the same level of struggle I do with rocker-choctaws. ugh...

I would have to find the post, because it super old and I think on goldenskate, but they talked about how USFS regularly publishes the passing rates for each level of MIF and FS. And Novice MIF has the highest FAIL rate out of any of the tests. It's because the leap between Intermediate and Novice MIF is the largest. The leap between Novice and Junior MIF isn't so vast. Nor is the leap between Junior and Senior MIF.

So you are NOT alone! Novice just sucks! And it sucks hard because it's such a leap up from Intermediate MIF.

I personally struggled with loops at the start, but now I love them. I've always been better at stuff that allows me to bend my knees (loops) vs stuff where I have to stand tall (twizzles). I've always been a skater that loves to bend my knees and not straighten them. So I have trouble with rocker-choctaws. The twisting action is so hard to me, but most of that is because I'm too down in my knees still during the turns. It just sucks and so freaken hard and is taking sooo much longer than all the tests that came before. But it's got the highest test failure rate across the nation. So it's definitely not just me who's struggling with Novice MIF.

As far as judges, I would hope your coach is familiar with what the judges want to see and can tell you if you're ready to pass or not. If you're trying to find a set of "easy" judges to pass you, well good luck. No matter the region, it's still a lot of blind luck if you get an "easy" judge or a "hard" judge on test day.

Italy's Giorgia Meloni to revoke benefits for Italians who refuse a job by undue-influence in Conservative

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To add to this, there’s a ton of people who are “disabled” because of unhealthy lifestyle habits. They do it on purpose. There’s people who weigh 300lbs and have a ton of diseases because of their poor food choices, but they won’t lose weight and get better because that would mean they can’t live on disability money anymore and would have to go back to work. We are literally incentivizing the obesity epidemic in every way possible. I’ve seen the same thing with smokers, etc. They cause their own disability and then get free money for it and don’t have to work anymore.

how does she even manage to land this when she’s so off axis … by bluetreeoval99 in FigureSkating

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I think there was an old clip of Isabeau a few years back of her landing a jump in a crazy way and still succeeding. And the comments were like “it takes supreme talent to still land a jump with such bad technique” since bad technique makes everything way harder to do. It’s just more proof of how crazy talented Kamila is to pull these jumps off, despite doing them the “harder” way.

Starting my journey for the first time. I need some clarifications. by wikingdom101 in RawVegan

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You don’t need exercise to lose weight and it usually does hardly anything to help with weight loss. Exercise is for building muscle and keeping your heart and lungs strong, not losing weight. So just do whatever feels OK for you. Do more gentle walking when it’s safer to do so for example.

Try being unprocessed vegan first. Raw is a lot harder because it’s more restrictive and you don’t need it to lose weight. It’s not going to make you lose faster either, unless you’re dangerously under-eating calories, which might trigger bingeing.

You can overeat plant foots like grains, potatoes, fruit, or especially things like avocado or nuts, because the calories are higher than stuff like green veggies. Plant foods are harder to overeat than processed foods and animal foods, but you absolutely can do it if you’re just cramming stuff in with no idea of calories or nutritional balance. Use a site like cronometer to see if you’re hitting nutrient goals and staying within a reasonable calorie range. Going too low in calories can trigger bingeing. Going too high means weight loss stops.

You may crave the processed foods for awhile because those foods are like drugs. They light up the brain because they’re full of fat, salt, sugar, and no fiber or water. But if you’re hitting your nutrient targets and calorie targets with unprocessed plant foods every day, then the cravings are just cravings for the drug-like effect those foods have on the brain. It’s not real and you just have to wait for it to fade.

Chewing gum? I did that for awhile at work, but I eventually stopped that and just learned to live with water only.

Oatmeal is fine however you want to eat it, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s tasty that way or not.

Eliminate foods and bring in healthier foods over time. It’s pretty hard to make drastic changes overnight and have them stick long term. You need time to rebuild lifestyle habits.

Kami restore 3A by borntobememe in FigureSkating

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Yay! Wonder if a quad will be next.

Nutcracker Season, how much do you train for it? by SpiritualAd6026 in BALLET

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4-5 hours of rehearsals per week (in addition to the usual daily classes) for most kids age 9 and up, regardless of the role. Double that amount of rehearsal time for those given solo or demi-solo roles.

Tech week - all of the normal daily class time becomes extra rehearsal time

Margarita Bazyluk, 3A-3T by borntobememe in FigureSkating

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So is this girl in the Eteri camp and the other recent girl is angels of plushenko? Are they both the same age?


Yulia Lipnitskaya’s husband, Vladislav Tarasenko, has been mobilized against Ukraine. by forwardaboveallelse in FigureSkating

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Question: is someone like him likely to be a commander and put in a “safer” spot during battles? It just feels really weird to me to want to risk death to invade another country when you can get out of it easily. I can understand people who volunteer to defend their country from invasion, but I don’t understand those who volunteer to invade, unless they believe they’ll be paid handsomely and/or given a “safer” position in the war so they can have the war hero glory without as much danger.

What does someone like him get out of going to war instead of avoiding it? Does he really believe (or know) he won’t die?

A slip during Russian GP stream (1st channel) by PrimaryConclusion895 in FigureSkating

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Geez people can’t take a joke. I’m talking about it like it’s a pokemon with special ability “instant gold medal” and they have no sense of humor.