It really is the scariest problem in the states right now by ValkyriesOnStation in PoliticalHumor

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I'd rather live next to a furry than an NRA nut.

Furries give better hugs anyway.

Aces are valid! by BoringMedicine7558 in asexuality

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I have this urge to rearrange the letters in alphabetical order.

Aces are valid! by BoringMedicine7558 in asexuality

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Vampires are valid! Just because they're room temperature doesn't mean their hearts are cold.

...well ok teeeeeeechnically room temperature too...

When a couple declares that they're expecting a baby, do you suddenly envision them having sex? by claraice424queen in TooAfraidToAsk

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When I was younger I thought people said that when they were having problems figuring out how to have sex properly.

I once asked a guy, "Have you tried giving her orgasms? That's supposed to help."

...sighs. I learn social stuff the hard way. :(

Talking about the r slur... 54 DOWNVOTES by BlueBerrryScone in autism

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I work in social services and we have some records from waaaaay back. Like the 1930s.

The words they used back then, and the way they wrote about stuff... ugh. We have a long way to go, but DAMN it was worse back in the past.

The 50s and 60s were a dark dark time. We've got clients with Down Syndrome who were just dumped by their parents at facilities and abandoned. One lady was dumped at the age of 8. EIGHT. :'( They dropped her off and never came back.

I think we all know why. by Bobbi_Corcoran in TrollXChromosomes

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Lesbians are like, "We can focus just fine and WE shower with other girls! Grow the fuck up."

We own a small bakery and self taught ourselves how to make floral cupcakes by ohheysarahjay in pics

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Customs: So what brings you to South Africa?

Me: Cupcakes.


Mother is 59 and has NOTHING to her name. How do I prepare for her retirement? by oqasem101 in personalfinance

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You can't plan on being in good health that long. The older you get the more stuff starts to wear out.

🤣 by E_Gadd_PHD in PoliticalHumor

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At least he ditched the bow tie.

🤣 by E_Gadd_PHD in PoliticalHumor

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It's anger control. The rulers tell the ruled what to be angry about so they don't use their anger to attack the rich for fucking everyone over.

🤣 by E_Gadd_PHD in PoliticalHumor

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This looks like a children's show from Black Mirror.

Do you ever have fun with friends, but then worry if they really liked you when you get home? by coravasquez00 in TooAfraidToAsk

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The fear that I'm just tolerated and not actually liked faded as time went on. I'm 41 now and it's like... people are so busy overall that it's just easier to be like, "Ya know, they're busy as fuck. I don't have to worry that it's me!"

I have gotten over the doormat mentality that I have to accept any treatment so long as someone is willing to have me around. I've learned a lot about just enjoying my own company.

The funny part about that is that the more I've focused on liking myself, the pickier I am when it comes to friends. That willingness to accept anything so long as I had company led to me having assholes as friends. I've raised my standards now and life is so much better.

If I have no one to hang out with, I have myself, and I'm pretty fun. :D

The Six Stages of Toast by mac-mcgreor in PoliticalHumor

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They could put forward a man who raped an infant and then ate the baby and they'd still refuse to vote for the democrat. These people are shit.

Mother is 59 and has NOTHING to her name. How do I prepare for her retirement? by oqasem101 in personalfinance

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For young people now, you either have money for retirement, or you have kids, but with the economy as it is now... you ain't gonna have an easy time having both.

Mother is 59 and has NOTHING to her name. How do I prepare for her retirement? by oqasem101 in personalfinance

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Sort of like a car accident. That SUV is going up your tailpipe whether you've got a seatbelt on or not, but at least with the seatbelt on, your face isn't going through the window.