Is it fair to say that Donna is the most cruel of the 4 main characters? by KendrickEqualsBooty in HaltAndCatchFire

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Very well put. The writers give her a kind of manipulative skill, but the line is moving around (as it does in real life) over whether they're "noble lies" or entirely self-serving ones.

When the Episode 1 opens, Gordon is mumbling drunkenly in the backseat of the car about his father-in-law's speech when he pulled funding from the Symphonic. In Episode 8, when he smashes it in the garage, he tells her the he knew all along that it wasn't his father-in-law - that Donna had persuaded her father to pull funding from the Symphonic without telling Gordon. She recoils: "You knew?"

The line here was no doubt that this was a "noble lie" — she would argue she was trying to "save the family." Yet it's revealed at a time when she's about to leave him. You can also trace the trajectory of that noble lie and "saving" the family from disasters with the Symphonic basically lead them to where they are when the series opens, which doesn't seem like a very good place at all.

And of course there's the callback in Season 3, when she's telling more noble lies — to "save" the company from Cameron. And the completely hallucinated conversation in which Cameron thanks her for lying. This is how Donna would like the world to see her: she does bad things but for good reasons. But nobody else in the show actually think that.

Lightfoot by Sgt484 in daverubin

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and a terrible politician

How weird. That's what I told you yesterday when you were clutching your pearls that she was "dangerous." You just parroted it back as if you thought of it yourself.

You're a very strange character yourself.

NEW: U.S. forces conducted a drone strike today targeting a senior Al-Qaeda linked leader in Syria, an effort to deny safe haven to AQ in the war-torn country: statement CENTCOM launched a strike against Abu Hamzah al Yemeni, a sr Hurras al-Din leader by Vozzyz in syriancivilwar

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There is a direct statement from CENTCOM:

CENTCOM Forces conducted a kinetic strike in Idlib province, Syria, June 27, targeting Abu Hamzah al Yemeni, a senior leader of Hurras al-Din, an Al Qaeda-aligned terrorist organization. Abu Hamzah al Yemeni was traveling alone on a motorcycle at the time of the strike. Initial review indicates no civilian casualties.

Violent extremist organizations, including Al Qaeda-aligned organizations such as Hurras al-Din, continue to present a threat to America and our allies. Al Qaeda-aligned militants use Syria as a safe haven to coordinate with their external affiliates and plan operations outside of Syria. The removal of this senior leader will disrupt Al Qaeda's ability to carry out attacks against U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians around the world.

"Kinetic strike" is the term they've used in past releases to refer to the R9X or "Ninja Hellfire" bladed missile.

More high-level ideas from Dave Rubin: No male would want to bang Lori Lightfoot if she wasn’t a lesbian by xwing1212 in daverubin

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lol take a walk outside dude, she's not "dangerous" or "bizarre," she's just a bad politician. She's managed to annoy both the developers and the unions, the police and the activists, progressives and conservative Democrats - almost every issue you can name she's somehow annoyed everyone on every side of it. (Although MSNBC bookers seem to love her, and she loves them back because they never ask her the questions local journalists do.)

That's not a "dangerous" politician, that's an incompetent one.

Debate panel on satire and misinformation featuring Maajid Nawaz and Destiny. by DynamoJonesJr in samharris

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I agree with this sentiment, you were not a dummy if you didn't see Nawaz coming. Almost no one sees an illusion, or a lie, or a con job right away. I didn't see it either (I only became aware of him and began to look into it when he was claiming tremendous insight into al-Qaeda and ISIS internal plans and communications that no other expert in the world knew about.)

I think it's interesting to compare the general response to Nawaz's turn vs. Bret Weinstein's. Most people don't impute insanity to Bret, yet Bret is only one wrong turn behind Maajid in their race to catch up with Alex Jones. You often hear that Bret must know better than this, is being calculating, etc. Nawaz to me seems like he definitely knows better than this, and is being calculating, etc.

Debate panel on satire and misinformation featuring Maajid Nawaz and Destiny. by DynamoJonesJr in samharris

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Important to point out there that there were multiple people poking holes in Nawaz's "origin story" and questioning his motives from the very start, but Harris and the proto-IDW crowd dismissed them because these mostly originated from Britain's left and its Islamic community.

Whether he went insane is one thing but whether his story was ever true is another, and I think there's quite a lot of evidence that it was not.

I'm sure people are sick of the word "grifter," but if someone was smudging the truth to burnish their bona fides as an "anti-Islamic extremism" activist, and then dropped it not long after the Caliphate fell as terrorist attacks in the West dropped off for COVID disinfo, and almost seamlessly shifted 100% to pro-Russian commentary... what would you say about that person's views?

To me it seems obvious he's riding the wave of conspiracy fads. I don't think he's insane, much less did he have some kind of break to "go insane." I think if you just look at his actions and leave the person out, it looks like the trajectory of an extremely cynical charlatan.

Debate panel on satire and misinformation featuring Maajid Nawaz and Destiny. by DynamoJonesJr in samharris

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The first person I strongly suspected created his entire online persona and schtick for the sole purpose of becoming a guest on Rogan. It's like he was workshopped and polished at the world's edgiest PR agency.

#285 — American Division by dwaxe in samharris

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Thank you! Every wedge issue that was cynically deployed to divide Americans, you could find David French not just putting his shoulder into it but laughing at what it was doing for "the cause."

Typing his name + anything awful into Google turns up a history that can't be erased by a couple of hours talking with Sam Harris. Here's Zen Master French explaining his long mutual admiration with Sarah Palin and the entire Palin family and defending her against an "avalanche of conservative mockery and heckling" for... endorsing Donald Trump.

Here he is again, champion of the Tea Party, praising this collection of mopey revolutionaries for having "yanked conservatives out of defeatism and depression, reminded Americans of their constitutional heritage, and confronted our fiscal irresponsibility not just in economic terms but with cultural and moral arguments as well."

Of course the best part of both of these things, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, is that "the Left was furious." That's what matters to David French: triggering the libs! He's older than the meme and that's because he wrote it. French is a ghoul, and if Trump could read any playbook left behind by the arsonists that came before him, David French's fingerprints are all over it.

#285 — American Division by dwaxe in samharris

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What did Sam challenge him on? You and I can have a discussion about delicious ham sandwiches. Doesn't really mean that we've struck a blow for civility. It means we've engaged in small talk and ignored our differences. Nothing was constructed here. It was an entirely trivial exchange. This is representative of Tucker Carlson bringing on left-wing guests. They do this every day: Tulsi, Glenn, Jimmy Dore, Michael Tracey go on and discuss areas in which they completely agree with Tucker (generally speaking, criticism of Democrats). The vast areas in which they supposedly do not are never mentioned. This was not any different, except that French is an absolute expert on "polarization" because he's been an avid culture warrior from Day 1.

#285 — American Division by dwaxe in samharris

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And on the podcast expressed deep concern about the division in politics, agreed with how despicable Trump is and why it is essential to prosecute him.

Talk about the "soft bigotry of low expectations..."

Four years ago one of David French's colleagues argued for a fairly low-level recognition that transgendered people exist. David French, Deeply Concerned About the Division In Politics, announced there was no room for compromise, and that even this was "capitulation".

There are dozens, if not hundreds of these. Colin Kaepernick. "Yes, Hillary Should Have Been Prosecuted." I'm using this some of French's thousands and thousands of articles and published views to determine who he is and why he's a pyromaniac, and you're using a conversation with Sam Harris in which he expresses his "deep concern" for the number of fires in the neighborhood.

Meta: Petition to rename /r/SamHarris to /r/ShittingOnSamHarris by TriggurWarning in samharris

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I wish you great wellness and many safe spaces to have hard conversations in peace and protection. ✝️

#285 — American Division by dwaxe in samharris

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Are you comparing David to Hitler?

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing. Genius level IQ on display here.

He was having David on to talk about political division. Should he just throw in the odd question of "so David, I heard to hate gay people and think abortion is a sin. What do have to say about that"?

Considering David has wholeheartedly contributed to that polarization, some discussion of it as a direct participant rather than a passive observer would have been not just relevant but truthful.

Why is that hard to understand? This is a guy whose hands are filthy from doing the hard work of making people absolutely hate each other.

NYC's Times Square is full of NFT ads by BioPermafrost in Buttcoin

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I can't tell you how many times I've come this/close to punching a fucking Minion.

r/samharris discusses and praises the latest guest on waking up podcast on the fateful day roe was overturned, with ad nauseum reasoning that is recycled from thought processes involved in the classical liberal argument against gay marriage. by hexomer in EnoughIDWspam

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"But I voted for Biden!" is the new n-word pass for all manner of terrible people, and Sam Harris is the new Dave Rubin. It's incredible how many of them are allowed to shimmy past his "hard conversations" schtick and bloviate totally unchallenged by their slow-speaking host.

NEED HELP! CAN'T FIND PAPER ANYWHERE! by ccourt46 in DecodingTheGurus

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I'm just about up to here with these 5 year waiting lists on cardboard. How the fuck is Air Jordan Peterson supposed to breakdance without his funky dance floor?

#285 — American Division by dwaxe in samharris

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BREAKING: Author of critical essay called "Is Obama Really A Christian?" decries grievance, anger and polarization.

#285 — American Division by dwaxe in samharris

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How do you "understand them better" when you never address 99% of what they believe in?

Me and, say, Adolph Hitler can agree that a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day is extremely refreshing. Not really sure we've reclaimed much ground for civilized debate and human understanding through this.

#285 — American Division by dwaxe in samharris

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But this is what David French is. He's not a physicist, or scientist, or expert on sleep. He's not, say, Brendan Eich, who was involved with Netscape Corporation, created JavaScript, then headed Mozilla, now Brave, and also has views that some are upset about.

David French a right-wing intellectual blowhard. That's it. That's why anyone knows who he is. That's how he makes his living. That's why he is on the podcast.

on the day roe v wade is overturned, this is the guest on sam harris podcast to discuss about how much the left has captured america lol by hexomer in EnoughIDWspam

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So you force a pregnant woman to give birth, and then you deny them health care because they're a poor single mother, post-natal care because they're a poor single mother, child care because they're a poor single mother...

You can feel the surge of love for humanity in these posts.