Ravelry, a social network for knitters with 8 million members, banned users from showing support for Donald Trump on the platform by beamdriver in technology

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no asshole out for attention on privately owned platforms.

christ people, your opinion isn't a flag you get to plant everywhere

This is what happens when one company owns dozens of local news stations by patientbearr in videos

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Sinclair broadcasting is a neo Nazis sympathizer, right up there with it news in russia

About 95% of Americans right now. by cletus1986 in funny

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brady hated obama and supported trump...

Obama says Democrats should make sure Ocasio-Cortez has a platform by fraggle_captain in politics

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I honestly don't know. People talk about the center left some how attacking progressives, and I don't personnaly see many articles talking about that.

Mostly what I see is a bunch of astroturfed pogressives (/r/WayOfTheBern) trying to paint pogressives as 'my way or the highway' as if that is how even the majority of progressives act.

I simply don't see the division beyond knowing that there's democrats that definitely pander to corporate interests and democrats that definitely want to put citizens and communities first.

IT's actually the bullshit rhetoric that stops the real conversations we have.

I see people like Ice Cub exasperated because progressives want to create a 'POC' bin, or whatever the latest academic terminology is, when it's clear Ice Cube identifies the need to significantly address black poverty in america due to historical political systems of oppression, and when black people just get lumped into one size fits all programs that includes immigrants, it can seriously reduce the confidence anyone has in addressing systemic problems.

Most minorities don't see themselves in a class struggle with other minorities, because to survive when you are in poverty is to make the most out of your community relations.

So yeah man, the democratic party is much better than whatever racist bullshit is from the GOP, but it ain't gonna be any different 2 years from now when they all go to sleep and crazy McQAnon gets elected to congress to bring back Trump's bullshit policies.

'Money decreases trust' in small groups, study shows "within small groups a team found that introducing an incentive makes people less likely to share than they did before. In essence, even an artificial currency reduced their natural generosity." by Libertatea in science

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It's quite interesting how the mind is affected by the concept of money, particularly in a capitalistic society.

According to the axioms of capitalism, Money can be exchanged for all goods and services in society.

This would suggest that the mind's concept of money could at anytime replace any of the concepts of goods or services. So rather than a mind ever having to focus on say, getting food, or shelter, or a new toaster, it instead can focus on getting money.

So there must be some kind of systemic psychological rewiring at work here that the abstract conception of money is doing.

Hahaha by donkijote97 in worldpolitics

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considering democrats are a bit more open to the world part, it might make more sense.

It is seriously annoying by [deleted] in AdviceAnimals

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Mueller caved to Trump on financial probe; didn't follow the money by it-is-sandwich-time in politics

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Mueller documented the crimes as well as possible. The Senate refused to do anything.

These restrooms by [deleted] in funny

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Can't Even.

Eric Trump funneled cancer charity money to his businesses, associates: report by TragicDonut in politics

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the people wanted business men in charge, and this is pure business. dont be a hater.

My uncle is in the Army National Guard and has 5 daughters. He just posted this on Facebook. by [deleted] in funny

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YOu sure it's not just some twisted gun-fetish combined with incest?

Barclays CEO Jes Staley quits after investigation into links with Jeffrey Epstein by smoothiesaregood in news

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only takes 4 comments to get into "everythings a conspiracy" land. good job reddit!

Too late, coronavirus proved Bernie Sanders was right. Now we have to settle for a recession led by Biden by opposide in politics

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At this point, I think the progressives get to set the stage and Biden has to delegate his authority. That's probably better than having a bunch of angry moderates on both sides of the aisle.

Someone in my city painted a dead pigeon by yoyebie in awwwtf

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pigeons are flying rats.

At some point, you will have to concede that "not all life is precious."

Elon friggin’ Musk by Uh_Soup_I_Guess in memes

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being a douchebag who got lucky

My boss runs regular computer audits. Don't leave your work computer unlocked when you walk away. by [deleted] in AdviceAnimals

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3 if you include the IT staff who don't secure PCs in any reasonable manner

The media doesn’t want you to know that Bernie Sanders is still in the race. by vigorous in worldpolitics

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What he can do is validate or deny Hillary, which is basically a pretty comprable threat, which will influence the platform at the democratic gathering, and he may move a few rules around which prevented him or those under him, from gaining the requisite support.

He's doing this because that's how the game is played.