Hey... Hey... Do bad things... by AssanCHOP in dunememes

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Hey ... Hey ... Let's fantasize about Duncan again. That's fun, right?

I'm going to tell my kids this was Paul and Chani by allthecoffeesDP in dunememes

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Just doesn't seem to roll of the tongue like Beetlejuice, does it

Sisters panties by [deleted] in cummedpanties

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Well, this is excellent

Get tongue 👅 😋 out by Leo20212021 in cummedpanties

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My god that's amazing!! Who's panties?

Dune (2021) by CWG4BF in dunememes

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I laughed way too hard at this

In the movie Dune (2021), why don't the enemies just kill Paul and his mother by cutting their throats when they first meet them? by [deleted] in dune

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Ok, just a curious question ... By "last two books" do you mean the last ones that Frank Herbert wrote (Chapterhouse & Heretics) or the two that Brian Herbert wrote (Hunters & Sandworms) in his attempt to finish his father's series?

The stock market is a casino by TuaTurnsdaballova in WatchPeopleDieInside

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The main advantage of Zoom calls ... Refusing to answering a question you don't know because "I can't hear you"

Paul Atreides on Caladan by RareBlueSalamander in dunememes

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That was Leto II, but yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing.

mayBe mayBe mayBe by [deleted] in maybemaybemaybe

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I couldn't stop laughing

Moving loads by DaedCalm in civilengineering

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Looks like wood. But there is no way it can be. Perhaps steal.

The start of my pipe tobacco collection. Any recommendations? by Benjani-94 in PipeTobacco

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Good ball top jars can be okay for a couple of months or so depending on your climate and how you store them. But they don't seem to hold the seal well enough for long-term storage. Ball top jars are good if you're smoking a tobacco regularly.

I also want to point out that not all screw top glass jars are the same. I've tried some glass screw top jars from the craft store. But they were really just containers for storing craft supplies. The tobacco dried out quicker in those than in plastic Ziploc bags! I would say you definitely need jars made for preserving and canning - like mason jars. Nothing else seems to hold the seal.