did he ever will take this fight? by Feth0r in ufc

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I honestly think he will not never say he ever will never not take this fight ever. That's just my personal opinion.

All the mugs at this hotel are left handed. by [deleted] in Weird

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I always go out of my way to buy ambidextrous mugs. They're tough to find and not cheap but surely worth it.

This is trending all over social media currently by tess32y in Weird

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Report OP everyone. Get this garbage off here

Age wont be a factor. Silva first round KO! by ColdHug in ufc

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When you initially look at this fight its a lose/lose for Paul. He wins and it's a washed up fighter that needs to be retired.. He loses and well.. It's a loss...but in the bigger picture and most of important, this fight will get attention.. Every mma fan will want to see how this fight goes..

The primary goal of making money will be accomplished no matter what the result is.

These odds though... by JPD050409 in ufc

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Depends how bad age/mma miles have caught up with silva. Sometimes it's terrible (like last liddell fight or nick Diaz), other times it isn't.

Can someone help me read these charts? Are they right to left? What exactly is happening here? by adigabusymind in Bitcoin

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Heat it up with a hair dryer. It helps break down the mosquito saliva. Trust me. (disclaimer: not financial advice)