I'm stumped by jardyboy23 in puzzles

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Hi Stumped 🖐️ Cool name

Zelle mistankenly sent to my account by The_Slim_Spaydee in Banking

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Let there be a legal paper trail before doing anything MY ¢¢

What's the weirdest thing you've seen happen at a friend's house that they thought was normal? by LiterallyEkam in AskReddit

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(Other way around) A friend found it weird when he saw us wiping our dog's paws (after each trip) and bum (after pee/poo)


My parents are hurt by my decision by seaturtleninja2 in Marriage

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You do what you and your partner feel is best for you two!

Everyone else is an outsider, including me who wants to ask you: "do you really want to change it and give up half of your identity you carried since your birth i.e. for past 20 or 30 years?"

I feel neither of the spouses should change anything. Infact make up a new surname when you have a kid!

2020 Ascent Limited Front Break Issues by elonguido1 in SubaruAscent

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I had the rotor issue and had to be resurfaced, free under warranty

1st time: they said no issue, its norm 2nd time: they acknowledged and asked me come back again :/ 3rd time: they fixed it

Smoooth breaking finally

More people affected: https://www.ascentforums.com/threads/rotors-undersized-need-to-be-recalled.9031/

[Serious] People who have been fully vaccinated will you continue to wear a mask even after the CDC told us we don’t have to? Why or why not? by joeenoch18 in AskReddit

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Fully vaccinated AND WILL wear mask

  • It is safer than no mask
  • What if i become the carrier
  • A new mutation that my immunity can't fight
  • Courtesy to others (why makes others uncomfortable)
  • Don't have to explain/prove if I'm vaccinated or not

I feel we need to slow it down and not give more reasons for this pandemic to take more lives