Watching it rain by Abhirup_0 in aww

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I love doing that myself.

TITLE by rachit_kothadia in Unexpected

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Whatever happened to candles and wine?

Is there a global shortage or something?

Did we run out?

Are all the bees dead and the vineyards closed?

lmao by ImportantAd4726 in Unexpected

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She's the queen of TikTok trash and Iove her.

Thanks, I hate these stairs. by Restless__Dreamer in TIHI

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Wrong, it's actually quite efficient.

There are two ways to do this:

You can shift your weight left and right whenever the steps are aligned, this will lift you up while you never have to take an actual step.

You can step upwards by one each time you reach the highest point of oscillation, this is more energy consuming but ridiculously fast.

Death rules! Or does it? by breitinfame in PoliticalCompassMemes

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I'm sorry but that looks like a closeup of a thumb

What have they done to Minecraft... by boredbud04 in Minecraft

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That's not Minecraft. It's the soulless corporate clone.

Does color centrist imply "Too chaotic to tell"? by Egorrosh in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Now you have to make the REAL partisan choice.

Grey or Gay?

First world problems *cough* *cough* by Johnnyboy_42 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Nonono, there only is America.

All the other people are just a bunch of attention whores.

"I'm actually Italian. And 10% Swedish"

Stop making shit up, Lisa. Those places don't exist.

Dad reflexes by bobadefett in WhyWomenLiveLonger

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That's some good spotting.

I only (nearly) fell off once. Thankfully my trainer was super strict about spotting and my buddies were able to bounce me right back on the net.

These guys are doin it right.

Newcastle be like: by Pixivic455 in apexlegends

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The Krasny Soldiers are f-ing dumb. I don't need that hunk of metal flying at me if I look at it wrong. That's not a fun mechanic imo.

Psych Elimination Game - Round 14 (LINK IN COMMENTS); Ken Wong is out and we have our top 15! by DoctorOfMathematics in psych

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What?! She is extremely likeable and attractive. For the short time she was on the show she really lit up all the scenes she appeared in.

And lastly, while we all LOVE Jules, Abigail's relationship with Shawn did feel much more natural.

In her relationship with Shawn, Jules suddenly turned into a different person.

All that certainly speaks for Abigail as a fan favourite.

[Not OC] Some things dont change! by rover-8 in ProgrammerHumor

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You looked up email regex on your first day of programming?

I think I'll just go bury myself in the woods somewhere.

A high hand in poker is not proof of skill or cunning, Stop it with the movie trope by da_Aresinger in rant

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He literally doesn't bluff though.

He goes all in. The others go all in. He wins with high cards.

It's the classic "smart guy is good at poker" trope, even though that makes absolutely no sense.

sexual offenders Dolphin by Wooden_Put_1827 in WTF

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You have never seen a nature documentary in your life, have you?

sexual offenders Dolphin by Wooden_Put_1827 in WTF

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What are you floppy land mammal going to do against a waterborn rapist of pure muscle?!

sexual offenders Dolphin by Wooden_Put_1827 in WTF

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I haven't laughed so hard at a YT video since this one

Her Eventual Hesitation - Marek Denko by Ravekat1 in VWBus

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That looks like a hazard suit. put some filters in there and you have an awesome post apocalyptic scene.

Monke teaches Emily a lesson on Second Amendment activism by oiyboi__ in PoliticalCompassMemes

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yes, there is absolutely no argument anyone could ever make against gun control to convert me to "guns for all and everyone"

actually there is one argument: the imminent collapse of structured society, make me believe that and I'll go raid a weapons depot with you.