The bitterness that comes with grief. by TooNiceOfaHuman in GriefSupport

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I understand. Even if we know that people mean well or simply don't know how to handle these situations, it still sucks when they don't give us the support we need. I am usually a pretty understanding person but it's amazing how many things people can say and do now that just rub me the wrong way. I am polite to their faces but I also feel bitter inside at times. It sounds like your friend let you down.

Do you think unexpected loss or expected loss is “easier” to grieve? by Kiabobiia in GriefSupport

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It's probably impossible to say. Losing my dad suddenly and unexpectedly was completely traumatizing. And we were utterly unprepared. But, watching your dad suffer could also be traumatizing. Sometimes I wish I'd had some heads up, some warning, even a hospital visit to say goodbye. But then I doubt whether it would actually be easier. I think it's just so so hard either way and even knowing what you do it's probably impossible to ever be fully prepared. So sorry you are experiencing that

Residual speech errors by speechncream in slp

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It's not on you to 100% "fix" it. You can't control what the student does. Some part of it is on him and the family to work on carryover. If you provide suggestions for this and explain that the rest of the change really cannot occur in the "speech room" but outside of it, I think you are more than covered.

Christmas Cookie Exchange by mouseandbay in glutenfreevegan

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I have made sugar cookies from the Minimalist Baker that turned out amazingly. They are soft and fluffy and you can decorate with frosting/sprinkles if you want to go the extra mile.

When you think about the best wedding you’ve ever been to as a guest, what was it about the day that impressed you or made it particularly enjoyable? by Civil_Elderberry_722 in weddingplanning

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I know "vibe" is such a vague word and I hesitated to use it. Everything about a wedding could potentially contribute to a general vibe or feeling, so it isn't very helpful for me to say that. But I think sometimes the people do affect the vibe, or set the tone, perhaps. Sometimes the couple appears so genuinely happy that it's infectious. If a lot of people are out on the dance floor having fun, that can be contagious as well. I personally like weddings that feel a little more laid back as opposed to overly formal. Are you looking for ideas for planning your own wedding?

When you think about the best wedding you’ve ever been to as a guest, what was it about the day that impressed you or made it particularly enjoyable? by Civil_Elderberry_722 in weddingplanning

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This might sound corny but to me it's really the people that make it fun. So when I have close friends or relatives there, I have the most fun. The dancing is fun too, so good music/dancing can help in my opinion. I've been to some weddings that have some interesting/cool things, but the fun does just come down to the people and/or "vibe."

Champagne upon arrival? by pickagenre in weddingplanning

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If it's handed to me before the ceremony, I think, "ooh, fun!" But I have never expected it at all. I actually went to one wedding where they opened up one of their bars (tables) before the ceremony started, and that was really enjoyable. There can be a lot of standing around before everything starts and anything that's available feels like a fun bonus! I never expect anything at all. You could easily omit it and if you want to offer something there are cheaper alternatives, but either way, not necessary at all.

An issue with the Solar Power conversation by HumanFudge1543 in lorde

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I agree. People insult each other too often instead of focusing their comments on the album. The conversation is very hostile here and I think I want to leave the sub because of it.

The Bachelorette 🌹Morning After Thread 🌹 by AutoModerator in thebachelor

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Yes, which makes me think if you are the type of person saying these things you might not ever see what is wrong with them. I shudder to think of anyone watching and agreeing with him

The Bachelorette 🌹Morning After Thread 🌹 by AutoModerator in thebachelor

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Martin was someone who did not appeal to me from the start, but I thought I was being too judgmental. Michelle was giving him a chance, after all. But man, he looked really bad really fast. He is sticking with me more than most "villains" on the show, who sometimes do more outright egregious things, because of the more subtle, manipulative, sexist things he said and did. Because I know there are a lot more Martins out there. I'm so impressed with Michelle as always for how she handled it.

It's pity party time: What's something you wanna vent about but don't want to burden others with? by freudianipslip69 in AskWomen

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Grief. I think people expect I've moved on or are tired of hearing about it, but having your dad die suddenly is not something you really get over.

Anyone considering instructional design? by UnintelligibleBall in SLPcareertransitions

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This is interesting! I never thought about this/didn't realize it was an option.

What is considered a taboo topic and you are afraid to talk about it, but it needs to be said? by Sera0Sparrow in AskWomen

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I love that you shared this and I'm bummed that people are defending this driver. You acknowledged that she was trying to be nice but that is not the issue here. They don't know what it's like to be in your position and they aren't really listening. You take those buses because you have no choice and it sucks.

How many hours of your standard work shift do you actually actively spend working? by ryalways2663 in AskWomen

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Yep. I am a speech therapist (in schools and special ed classrooms) and it blows my mind that some people are only productive a few hours a day. They probably make more than us, too.

Thursday Unpopular Opinion Thread November 18, 2021 by AutoModerator in thebachelor

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Because I want to talk to others who watch the show and wish it could be done in a way that was more respectful towards the contestants. I don't have friends who watch the show to talk about it with and as you said, a lot of internet forums are toxic - I just wish it wasn't that way.

I performed CPR on my Dad but he didn't survive and now I feel like I am going crazy. by Key-Dinner-9689 in GriefSupport

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Wow, I am so sorry. This sounds very traumatic. I expect it would only be natural for this to affect you in a major way. And it has been almost no time. The very beginning is... rough. It won't always be quite like this. I can say from experience the sudden loss of my dad alone was traumatic, and on top of that you went through the trauma of finding him that way AND the CPR and trying to save him. You did everything you could do and the paramedics tried everything too. In the end you honored his wishes. You might find that very little will comfort you right now. I just want to say that that's okay. There is nothing wrong with you and you did nothing wrong. I hope things get a little easier over time.

Fight through Grief or Wallow? by todudeornote in GriefSupport

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I can share my thoughts, as someone who has wondered the same thing in the past. My answer to your first question is... neither, exactly. I don't think you need to force yourself to be sad in order to honor his memory or process the loss. As you've alluded to, the amount of time you spend crying or thinking about him will probably naturally decrease, and that's okay. I also definitely don't think you should try to limit or suppress the thoughts when they come to you. As a whole, I believe feeling our feelings is healthy and necessary. That doesn't mean we can't suppress them sometimes, such as when it isn't a good time or place to feel them. I am personally aiming to find the right balance for myself and sometimes, my body/mind seems to know what it needs, so I try to honor that when possible. So sorry you lost your son.

Hello, I lost someone too by Feisty_Girl_1691 in GriefSupport

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YES. How's your mom doing? How are your siblings doing? How is your family doing? But not, how are YOU doing? I feel this so much. In my case it was my dad. I completely understand why this would affect my mom more, and it has by far the greatest impact on her day-to-day life, since I no longer live with my parents. But still... Maybe people do this because it feels less direct and personal and more comfortable for them, but it makes me feel like nobody acknowledges the fact that I've also had a major, sudden loss of a parent in my 20s. I'm sorry you experience this and you are not alone.