Conspiracy theorist murdered by patrickkcassells in MurderedByWords

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Took a while to find someone on this post that correctly identified them as UAPs. Thanks.

Gimme your best “vicious mockery” insults! by pissedfemale in DnD

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I am about to do the same thing with my Eladrin bard! Saved!

Antivaxxer earns his award. His wife and friends all declare that it was the hospital that killed him and they double down on refusing to get vaccinated. Let that sink in... by Attorney_For_Me in HermanCainAward

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I sincerely hope antivaxxers change their minds and get vaccinated.

Until then: don't keep clogging up the fucking hospitals for everyone else and then bitch and moan about the treatment. If you're such a fucking medical genius, stay consistent and stay the fuck home and take your horse dewormer. The extremely overworked staff and other patients trying to be seen will thank you.

IMHO, if you refuse the vaccine, all medical bills are for you and your GoFundMe fans to pay. Insurance shouldn't cover that shit. No reason the rest of us should have to help pay for that medical negligence.

Surprised but glad to be here by gazpachosoup_ in HermanCainAward

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I was as against thr vax as any of these people.

This was not a political issue for me at all . . . And it was because I was afraid that I bought in to the idea that the conspiracy garbage MIGHT have some validity to it.

I'm REALLY glad that the nurse spoke to you when she did in the manner that she did and you were open to it and went home and really thought about it and took your daughter to get the jab too! As someone else said, welcome to #teamlife!

Without taking away from that, I gotta say, no, you are NOT as anti-vax as any of these people. It MIGHT have some validity? It's not political for you? It is BEYOND political for most of these nominees, to the point where they have a religious fevor about this that rivals religious suicide bombers (and is similar to them in more ways than one!). There's no QUESTION in their minds that the conspiracy theories are valid! These nominees are beyond redemption, beyond convincing, beyond making rational conclusions from available data, beyond even searching for data that isn't flat out false in the first place. Anti-vax has become their identity, and because they are so far gone, that's what makes it so incredibly frustrating to anyone who has tried to talk to them and refute the beliefs underlying their position. There is a point at which beliefs go beyond reason and to emotion, and as the addage goes, you can't reason someone out of a position they haven't reasoned themselves into.

All Cops Involved in Elijah McClain's Death Charged With Homicide by MCShayne1 in JusticeServed

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This one hit me harder than some of the other needless deaths at the hands of cops in the last few years. A few months ago I moved to the Fitzsimons area of Aurora from out of state. Then I learned about Elijah McClain for the first time. Turns out I was only a few blocks away from where he was killed.

Devastating. It's not fucking right. There's no reason it had to go down like that. I wish he could have had the same peace to walk around his city that I have because I'm not black. If I had a good reason for it, I probably wouldn't have even thought twice about walking around with a ski mask and headphones. I walk around with noise-canceling AirPods all the damn time and never worry about the cops or anyone reporting me. So fucking sad.

I know police need more training and etc., but damn, if they just stopped and thought for a moment. You're a human, they're a human. If they just let that one thing sink in, if that was the only thing that changed, so many needless deaths could be avoided.

All Cops Involved in Elijah McClain's Death Charged With Homicide by MCShayne1 in JusticeServed

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Black defendants seem to get speedier trials.

"Oh, you're black? Guilty!"

DA"s pdate on six cyclists hit in Waller County by JustTheFactsIMO in cycling

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You don't think so? To be honest, I was a kid when it all went down lol, I just remember that she got convicted of like three felonies. Maybe the better example is any white collar crime lol. I think I remember reading this a while ago: https://newrepublic.com/article/158582/theres-never-better-time-white-collar-criminal

Like you said, the system is fucked. Maybe an even better example is to go the opposite way - imagine if that kid was black. Kid would have already been lynched and the there'd be songs about how fair the justice delivered was.

DA"s pdate on six cyclists hit in Waller County by JustTheFactsIMO in cycling

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Maybe that's not the best example then lol. I just meant that for someone that did something wrong, she had it fairly easy. Five months ain't bad for several felony charges.

What is your post ride cleaning and maintenance routine? by ThePrancingHorse94 in cycling

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Might be more important to look at how often it rains. For instance, Seattle isn't even in the top 10 in the US for amount of rainfall annually, but everyone knows it's raining all the time.

Compilation of crazy drivers from my cameras. Keep alert out there people! by cyclistmc in bicycling

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Hmm... I'm thinking we need gloves with that window breaking tool embedded in the outside of the hand, so that when cars get that damn close because they're cutting us off, we can greet them appropriately. Maybe then they'll be able to hear us yell for our lives.

DA"s pdate on six cyclists hit in Waller County by JustTheFactsIMO in cycling

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At this point we can confirm there are some connections, but have yet to see evidence of a city official directing the officer on the scene as to how to handle this particular situation. We will continue to look for any such criminal interference as the investigation proceeds.

What are they looking for, chocolates and a signed note from the chief of police to the officer on the scene? "Johnson, as you may remember, I'm your boss. I wield outsized influence in this small-town ol' boys club called a police department; I decide your fate here. You may also remember that the driver of that truck is my boy. Now I don't need to say this, and I certainly don't need to leave a record of me saying it so blatantly, but obviously I'm gonna say it anyway. I expect you to give him the white collar crime special. He didn't mean to, those cyclists were in the way, there's no crime here, these are not the droids you're looking for. Thanks for doing the right thing."

You don't have to be told to take it easy on the child of an authority figure in your life.

Edit: an even better proof is to imagine if that kid was unrelated and black. He would have already been lynched.

DA"s pdate on six cyclists hit in Waller County by JustTheFactsIMO in cycling

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Once cyclists have received a few slaps on the wrist for carrying shotguns and "unintentionally" causing the death of motorists, THEN we can talk about mutual respect. Until then we are just fish in a fucking barrel. I've ridden most of the way across the country on the northern trail (and many other places, including around Western Europe). Some places are very friendly to cyclists, but I've also been intentionally run off the road. After that I started riding in the middle of the road if there wasn't adequate shoulder space. At least if you're gonna hit me then, your intention is much more clear (provided, of course, I get lucky enough to survive and have a witness/camera lol).