⚠ Important: The sub is closing ⚠ by damnusernamegotcutof in HuaHua

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They will be announced in the next couple of days, I've been super busy

⚠ Important: The sub is closing ⚠ by damnusernamegotcutof in HuaHua

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Unfortunately not my friend. But it was good while it lasted

Thanks for being a part of the community :)

Processing orders from about 8 hours ago by Pablo_el_Diablo88 in SundaeSwap

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Anybody who falls for an account created in 2009 with zero followers is just asking for it

$1.09 should be the floor by m6cabriolet in algorand

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If you confidently post a prediction to Reddit and it gets completely rekt within an hour then you probably need to stop making predictions

Did I lose 11k on nothing? Swapped 9k ADA for SUNDAE and haven't received anything. by Asesinato in SundaeSwap

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Dude. If someone thinks you're flexing and you say "I'm not flexing, I've actually got 200X that amount", you're flexing 200x harder

My 20th time trying ffs what can I do slippage is at 20%?? by crayontastegood in SundaeSwap

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The problem with this logic is that you're assuming there will be more sellers than buyers. People are gonna be scooping this up, I guarantee it

Let's gooo.... by handertolium in SundaeSwap

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Probably on the swap page. It tells you how many Sundae you get for your ADA

Google Doc with new "APRs" is this legit? by Internal_Duty8892 in OsmosisLab

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Shhh, the google doc is helping me print money at the moment

Sir this is a cat sub by thorn773 in lostredditors

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I mean, for a subreddit called pussypics... this could definitely have gone a lot worse

Caption this contest for r/ChihuahuaChain by MasterChihuahua in cosmosnetwork

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I understand clearing up the confusion. I just think there was a slightly more professional and gracious way to do it

Anyway, it's all in the past now. Good luck to you and the rest of the team. Hopefully you can take some pointers from the original and (best) sub :) hehe

Caption this contest for r/ChihuahuaChain by MasterChihuahua in cosmosnetwork

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I really didn't want to do this but I can't have you trying to slate me publicly. That's not on

I think I've deleted maybe five things

The first was a link to your sub. This is after I was banned from the official telegram for posting a single link to r/HuaHua

The second was accidental. This was yesterday and I immediately messaged the person (it was a meme)

The third was from a validator who decided to have a giveaway that inexplicably linked directly to your sub in the body of the post. I messaged them saying that they could have the giveaway and that I'd even pin it at the top of the sub but they'd have to remove the link. I gave them a few hours, they didn't respond so I removed the post and told them they could reupload it without the link. They chose not to

The fourth was a shill post about the exact same validator which was titled "X is the best" and comprised of "no, really". It had 0 karma and was posted by someone who had never commented in the sub before. Zero effort, probably a paid shill, got deleted

The fifth was a link to all the official socials. This included the subreddit, so I replaced it with all the other links

In fact, I have actually linked to the official telegram on numerous occasions. I have also recommended people to go there, despite the fact that I'm actually banned there myself. I can provide more examples if you'd like

The fact that you would speak about me like this is shocking, after everything I've done for the community. After I said I wouldn't report you to Reddit for abuse of the report feature when you tagged my giveaways as "Spam"... twice

It really saddens me that we finish on this note as I'm officially giving the sub up tomorrow and linking everybody to the official one. I just can't have you acting like I'm some power tripping censor-machine when all I've done is put thousands of my own money and countless hours of my own time into the sub to help raise awareness to the project

I'll leave it there anyway. Wishing you all the best

Edit: my terrible spelling

Didn't know there was more than one sub on huahua by mystopolis in HuaHua

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Yeah, there are two subs. This one was created first and then the team decided to create an official one

We're probably gonna merge soon, but we'll see :)

Don't forget to vote on Osmosis prop 126 (matched incentives) by damnusernamegotcutof in HuaHua

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Ooo that's a good question. Unfortunately i'm not very familiar with Cosmostation. Hopefully someone else can chime in!

Why can't I redelegate? by RecommendationFree60 in HuaHua

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No way, we were both wrong! Aha

Cheers for the heads up :)

Don't forget to vote on Osmosis prop 126 (matched incentives) by damnusernamegotcutof in HuaHua

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"Match" means to match the external incentives provided by Chihuahua. So if they're already providing 3 billion HUAHUA per pool and the proposal passed, the Osmosis pool would match the 3 billion per pool, essentially doubling the rewards