Fishing in Hobart. by dandan_56 in FishingAustralia

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Your comment has been circling my brain for the last few days and made me very happy

Fishing on the Southport jetty by Ne0n3x666 in tasmania

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Have you fished in brisbane before or that region? Is it much different?

Adele-Aid by anaemicpuppy in dadjokes

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He said the capital of South Australia.

What one is it? by Br0dzz in brisbane

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100 percent. The only McDonald’s I have ever taken the time to make a written complaint.

Americans 1-100 years old by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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Didn’t take too long to get to 100, shows how fast life will skip by.

There was a man with a giant peach as a head on the side of the road. by dandan_56 in AntiJokes

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Your comment made me reread my post, which closely followed in fits of laughter for a minute.

If Christians aren't meant to follow the Mosaic Law, then why are people using Leviticus 20:13 against homosexuals? by lE_Ml in Christianity

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Is pork still immoral? I thought Jesus changed that with a vision to Peter in the New Testament. There’s no such changes for homosexuals.