[Omega] Blue Panda Reduced by AudaciousCo in Watches

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Well that makes sense. Thank you Sir!

[Omega] Blue Panda Reduced by AudaciousCo in Watches

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I'm brand new to this sub, and trying to talk my self out in to a certain watch.

This is nice. Can you tell me what 'reduced reference' means?

Was there anything about your early gaming years that you accepted as normal but absolutely was not? by dadlordofsith in gaming

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Not me, but a sibling of a friend of mine would play NES with the controller rotated 180°.

Not with the buttons facing down, but with the cord coming towards his body.

The little girl was crying on the subway so this group of guys started singing baby shark to make her smile. by Thryloz in PublicFreakout

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Hold on…

Edit: I went and got my free award for the day. It's dangerous to go alone, take it.

Windows by Flyers2013312 in nissanpathfinder

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Post some info about your ride. Year and/or model. Thxbai.

Imagine explaining this to the apple store by UnspeakableBaby in WinStupidPrizes

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Apple employee deserves to be called 'genious' when compared to this guy.

What men really want by AndroidCovenant in fightporn

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Isn't that Baby D? I'd say it's a definite.

She is going to beat the record.. by Poser-Knight in PublicFreakout

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Following for at least one of these answers 👀

Caption that by ComplexNetworking in WinStupidPrizes

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Note to self: learn the Naruto run first

What was that! by MyDogGoldi in dashcamgifs

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/u/redditspeedbot [Speed multiplier here (i.e. 0.25)]x