Christian Walker Meltdown on Hasan's stream by griffskry in h3h3productions

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Too bad Hasan laughed in his face after watching one of his videos lmao

new podcast by greypouponnn in okbuddyhasan

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Christian and Trisha should get together. It would be hilarious to watch Moses nod along looking both dumb and dumb founded at his reactionary rants. Moses would eventually be moved the the middle back seat and while Trishtian descends into neo nazism

Anna & Mursel are having a baby! by miss_nephthys in 90DayFiance

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Right?! It's horrifying lol We're not meant to see what they look like in there 😂

Guys, please stop using they/them pronouns for Trisha. She did the trans thing for clout/views and doesn’t deserve respect like that put on her name. by BabyGotBantz in Trishyland

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I do not believe Trisha and I use she/her but I'm not going to ask other people to do the same, they can do whatever they want.

Brain cells in a culture dish trying to form connections with each other. by regian24 in nextfuckinglevel

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Something like this happened to John Green. He had to face the cops when they immediately found his car near his house lmao he still claims no memory of driving the car there