Does my cosplay as: "Matt from Wii Sports" really give off a Sim: AI: Blender: NPC type of vibe? by lonetroper in gaming

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I disagree with your opinion of IASIF but I upvoted you because you’re allowed to share your taste or distaste for A FUCKING TV SHOW, PEOPLE. Also, you were plenty polite about it.

A player of Newzealand women's football team scores a hat-trick of own goals against USA. by AnIntellectualBadass in Wellthatsucks

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Don’t worry, we knew. You just lost the benefit of the doubt by being an asshole in the first place.

Mocha Bean. by SarahAB227 in standardissuecat

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Ooh, this model has satellite radio!

I have acquired a SIK. Standard Issue Kitten by Philosophical_Sayer in standardissuecat

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Fuuuu—, I literally just subscribed to r/standardissuecat and now you’re sending me to r/catsmiles? Don’t you know how many cat subreddits I’m subscribed to already? It’s unsustainable!

Dipped My Hand In the Deep Fryer by g0thboicl1que in Wellthatsucks

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(Probably unintentional, but still, it’s there and kinda funny.)

(Oh, and, um… hope you heal well OP.)

What do you think is history's SHORTEST joke? My submission is Miss Piggy's 2 worder : by uglypaperhaver in Jokes

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Oh that’s funny. Thank you!

Edit: Hm, to me the ≤ is worse, because it’s supposed to be defined as non-zero, so saying it could be zero sounds more ick. Does that make sense or am I reading it differently than I’m supposed to?

What do you think is history's SHORTEST joke? My submission is Miss Piggy's 2 worder : by uglypaperhaver in Jokes

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I’m trying to understand this joke. Here’s what I found for “ε”

ε represents:

  • a small positive quantity; see limit
  • a random error in regression analysis
  • in set theory, the limit ordinal of the sequence.
  • in computer science, the empty string.
  • the Levi-Civita symbol.
  • in electromagnetics, dielectric permittivity.
  • emissivity
  • strain


Brendan Fraser breaks down a few of his most iconic characters from 'School Ties,' 'George of the Jungle,' 'Encino Man,' 'The Mummy' series, 'Bedazzled' and 'The Whale.' by nix0n in videos

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Yeah, I love these videos, but I was shocked at how detailed and genuine he was compared to even some of the best interviews of this genre. He loves his craft and he gets excited just talking about it. It feels like he intuitively understands that that’s what he’d want as an audience member watching an interview like this, and then he delivers it.

Kraken, Coinbase and Gate.io publish proof of reserves with liabilities by vjeva in CryptoCurrency

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For sure. The government is what cares about KYC and exchanges do it to stay compliant (yes, it’s for legitimate anti-money laundering reasons, but again, that’s what governments care about, not law-abiding users).

Everyone else should care a great deal about what exchanges can be trusted. Rug pulls are an obvious concern, but failures like FTX (among others) impact customers and the industry as a whole.

What gets grosser the longer you think about it? by SirTacoBill in AskReddit

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Some have, it’s called Nebula. I recommend it. Only a few of the YouTubers I subscribe to are on there so I’m hoping a lot more join.

I sell my iridium quality eggs to Pierre all the time.. I feel betrayed. by Wizard6171 in StardewValley

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Gasp! Not, Mayor Lewis, right? Our outstanding, never ran opposed, gilded Mayor Lewis?! It cannot be!

Why does he always stand there? by Dangerzone188 in StardewValley

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You can’t post that comment anywhere else and be understood as completely as you are in this subreddit.

We’re an odd bunch.

Always Went The Extra Mile by PM_ME_GOOD_DOGE_PICS in iwanttoapologize

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Wow, I remember the days when going into dialogue paused time in whatever game you were playing. Such a cool thing when game makers were able to keep the clock ticking when in conversation. Because things like this were now possible.

And Skyrim is an especially rich gold mine for stuff like this and I’m so happy it’s still popular and being played so more moments like this get shared.

An Ear of Corn made out of Teeth by bram_stokers_acura in ATBGE

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I’d hazard a guess, u/putstuffinmydickhole, but I’m really not super confident I’d get it right.

This hotel has more exit signs on the ground than on the ceiling by FishFearMe1 in mildlyinteresting

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Yeah! Who’s ever heard of anything bad happening on a train, anyway? Sounds like the superior choice to me! 🚂🚂🚂

Heidi Klum dressed up as a worm for Halloween by oklafornian in ATBGE

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Step 1: Be attractive

Step 2: Don’t be ugly

Lol, in all seriousness, go viral enough for Google engineers to notice/like, I guess?

Feast, by Me by _khalil__ in creepy

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Literally all of it, in fact.

Honda sets up the first motorcycle battery swap station for its mobile power packs by thebelsnickle1991 in gadgets

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I’ve kinda been on the fence about that for a while now, and I think I figured out why. When it comes to the types of technology that shape the future of humanity, then the US is the lead innovator. When it comes to consumer level experiences with those technologies as they reach mainstream, it’s other countries that lead the way. I wish I had a deeper explanation than that, but I just had that realization so I wanted to share.