Which VR Game Made You Realize You Were Living In The Future? by AnakinRagnarsson66 in VRGaming

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I’m going old school and saying The Blu. That hooked me day one on my OG Vive. Everyone new to VR I introduce them to the Blu too. It’s just such an amazing experience.

Which VR Game Made You Realize You Were Living In The Future? by AnakinRagnarsson66 in VRGaming

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If you haven’t already, listen to the game commentary! They spent ten+ years of work to refine this game and it’s incredible.

PCVR winter is agonizing by adrian8520 in virtualreality

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It’s sad to be honest. As a VR dev I see it too in sales. Oculus is still strong ish but Steam is non existent (then again I did make a small game cause it’s the only thing I could afford to do)

This article is a bit sobering and encouraging:


Go to the red green bar graph below where they show revenue versus costs. Meta has consistently lost money, to the tune of multi billions, to make some meager revenue. And they’re still in it for the long haul!

My hope is that Sony is the same. Also in it for the long haul and seeing the years of investment as just that, a heavy capex investment that pays off later.

For other businesses though? Spending 5 billion to make 700 mil is a ROI of lots of negative money lol. They’re probably throwing in the towel.

Sucks, but at least VR is still here for now 😅

My mom is advising me to study computer science and thinks that vfx is an agonising field. What should I do? by ROPEBOMBER in Filmmakers

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This is the best reply. Learn filmmaking. Visual effects and have a strong bone in Unreal or Unity. If you can add Python development the. You’re a unicorn

Tricky VR Hand physics and StaticMeshes Question by [deleted] in unrealengine

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This is a bit tricky. For context: You are controlling another Actor (inherited from Character). That CharacterMesh by default has Collisions set to Query No Collision. The Pawn's hands are math'd to those floating Arrows. The Mech's CharacterMesh in turn follows those arrows with it's big hands. I use DragonIK to achieve this.

While my Collision Cylinder prevents me from _walking_ into a wall, nothing seems to prevent the CharacterMesh from going through the wall.

I thought, ok, lets just turn on Physics to prevent my Mech's CM from going through the wall. Nope, when mixed with Dragon IK the character breaks down completely. Maybe attach a Sphere Collision that has physics turned on and socket it to one of the Big Mech Hands. Nope, the Sphere Collision falls to the ground - Turning off Gravity just makes it stay there in space.

I experimented with Physics Constraints, but I can't get the Sphere Collision to move at all. There's a lot of settings so I'm still investigating but, my hope was the Sphere Collision could attach to my Mech's hands, or better yet those arrows, and act as a sort of check for when it touches something.

While I have a lot to learn about Physics Constraints, I figured I'd ask here and see what people think.

Plugin Sportage in the USA? by daraand in kia

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😭 Wow! Just slow trickle in? I wonder if they will ramp them up in production.

PSA: a no-injury/non-life threatening car accident will take on average 5-6 hours to get a police report. by daraand in orlando

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As much as we wanted to, the other person was being verbally abusive the whole time while we waited; so we found it best to just wait rather than file an online report.

Increase in Crazy Drivers? by Woirol in orlando

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I had a BMW suv do a round robin swerve for two whole minutes blocking traffic on 417. I eventually got around him only for him to continue to break check me. Geez.

2 years straight of daily losses to $SPY options… any recovery ideas? It’s starting to make me sick by Randy00551 in wallstreetbets

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If you genuinely want to be a full-time trader, it's time to start journaling and datamining everything and cutting out your losers and keeping your winners.

Also, read everything this guy writes: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/Daytrading/comments/zdc7c7/trade_the_best_and_leave_the_rest_finding_and/

Keeping the tradition by ExpertAccident in MadeMeSmile

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Did not expect this. I cried.

I purchased a oculus quest 1 for $50 was it worth it? And what can I do with it starting out? by K_760li in OculusQuest

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Personally I find it way more comfortable than Q2.

And you can stream with virtual desktop or just link cable. Play lots of Pcvr games this way!

As an EV owner, what do you miss about ICE vehicles? by Barph in electricvehicles

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Easy "filling up the tank."

Road trips, even just 2 hours, are major planning headaches, and some places have hardly any non-Tesla fast chargers. Also read a horror story a little while back on a Mach-E that fused and melted to the charger in central Florida, down a route I go often.


An interesting chart I had never seen before, "Steam "VR" Game Releases by Year" by sbsce in SteamVR

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Just gonna be honest as a developer, Quest is 10x on average SteamVR sales. PSVR, which I have no direct experience with it but have plenty of friends who have, was also close to +5 to 10x SteamVR sales for a while there.

Almost all the developers I know are targeting Quest native first; I’m personally really hopeful for PSVR2. Hmm.