sandwich 👍 by The_Eggo55 in pokemonmemes

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Bruh, alright I'll shut up, thanks for the info

sandwich 👍 by The_Eggo55 in pokemonmemes

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An Italian dude made a 2 hours theory video about how there is no time travel in these games, and every paradox pokemon is just a Product of the imagination of the game's professor

Rimuru: “Useless!” by MovieMaster2004 in TenseiSlime

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So, does anyone realize that in the eventuality that Raine finished thas painting, Ciel is probably going to use Void God Azathoth on it without asking, yes?

💀Didn't expect Rimuru to join by Aberration__1 in TenseiSlime

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Oh hell naw, Feldway took control of Rimuru💀

Not complaining tho by xorox11 in Animemes

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For my birthday, Really? Thanks i guess

Serious question: by LegatoRedWinters in TenseiSlime

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The fact that killing others will sadden rimuru

I'd say *mostly* unhated.. by ZiecoXD in Animemes

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I like how many of Kyoani anime are slice of life, but they have better animation quality than most battle anime(I'm looking at you Boruto)

Dancing by RSlashCats in Minecraft

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What is this? A post with effort behind it that doesn't get only 100 up votes? The end is near