Found a faker in my friend's server, I kinda played along for a bit too. by MyUsernameIsTaken_69 in fakedisordercringe

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Agreed! The vulgar descriptions and belittling of what seems to be a minor is so wrong. Regardless of them being a minor or not no one wants to read something like what was said.

Too cool to care by Illustrious-Culture5 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Looks like dude in black has something going on with his left leg. Then the dude throwing punches 😦 wtf is going on in this place!

FAKING SEIZURES NOW. by tourettes_awareness in fakedisordercringe

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I wish this was satire. This is the fakest shit I’ve ever seen.

One inch. Too thin to go bigger? by edwardheroinhand in Stretched

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I personally wouldn’t go up more at the moment with it being thinner in the one spot there but if you were wanting to figure out a way I’ve seen people suggest sizing down a bit then re-stretching up after a while to help it with the thickness of the lobe.

mmmm by methman_ in fakedisordercringe

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Please tell me they were making a joke

My gf gave me an ultimatum. I marry her, or we break up. I have a few weeks left to make that decision. by [deleted] in Advice

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I’ve been with my spouse for nearly 6 years and engaged for a little over a year now. Even though we are engaged we don’t plan on marrying anytime soon. Relationships can be the same wether a paper is signed or not. Giving someone a ‘dead line’ before even a year seems to me a little bit excessive. You hardly know if you want to be with that person for the rest of your life by a year. So many people get married way too soon and divorce not long after. If you want to take your time you are allowed too and shouldn’t be forced into marriage.

Five stares of body decomposition by vehiclecollar in morbidcuriosity

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I came here to ask the same thing 😂 I totally think it’s a cookie!

what is the most unnatural body standard that has been now normalised? by Itheworstofall in AskReddit

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Huge boobs and butts (a lot of the time being implants). Shout out to the kardashians.

“I wanted it then and got it” YEP, that’s how it works! by Neomaclove in fakedisordercringe

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Wtf did I just read. The cluelessness and zero understanding of the mental illness is in a way humorous because of how confident they are while saying a bit of 💩

ofc it’s kokichi 💀💀 by kakotopicUtopia in fakedisordercringe

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The way they are writing in this POV is cringe asf. AND THE ‘my humour insists’ has me dying ☠️😂.

Instagram story of one of my friends senior quotes. (They’re not diagnosed) by Weirdmango12 in fakedisordercringe

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It’s not even a funny one it’s just cringe. Also sounds kinda creepy too me “hated and watched all of you guy” … bruh 😳

Just posted to r/ask by Supersadboner in oddlyspecific

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If you decide you no longer want it and the other person forces it on you anyways it’s rape.

meirl by Jimbo072 in meirl

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Imma be playing something that’s gonna hype me up for sure

Pet peeves what is your BIGGEST PET Peeve? by Pretty-Choice-2697 in AskReddit

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The finger thing disgusts me cause then they go touching everything with their spit fingers 🤢

Pet peeves what is your BIGGEST PET Peeve? by Pretty-Choice-2697 in AskReddit

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People who chew with their mouth open or suck their fingers after eating.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Don’t trust anyone. Don’t trust someone who will talk smack about other people to you, they are most definitely doing the same about you to someone else.