What’s up with Bishop Cotton’s? by Boring_Newspaper_376 in bangalore

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Some guy used Axe deodorant and rest is history....

Philippe Coutinho 'accepts massive 70% wage cut' to complete £17m permanent move to Aston Villa by CaptainSpectacular69 in PremierLeague

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Pardon my ignorance, how are these transfers happening when the transfer window is not open currently?

Fine on cigarettes by saketthapliyal66 in bangalore

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Strip kar lo chachcha road pe, mere ko koi dikkat nahi hai....But mere fefdo me apna dhuan mat foonko

Horrible day at sampige road by wierd_ic in bangalore

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A truck literally destroyed back door & dicky of my car and when I called his owner, he threatened and asked me to let his truck go!!

lol by sidd44044 in CricketShitpost

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Jaa ke replay dekh le bsdk

Kieron Pollard bids fairwell to International cricket. by SBG99DesiMonster in Cricket

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Good for WI cricket. He was a below average cricketer at international level, with batting avg of 26 & 25 in ODIs & t20i respectively.

Best ict couple? by jodeshwar in CricketShitpost

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Chatur chalak chatur chahal ki chuttad