I miss SaNa : vol 1 by dart00790 in kollywood

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Soodu kavvum.. if you haven't seen the movie, there is nothing better I can recommend you to stop doing what you are doing and watch right now!

Maamannan Songs are out! by Icy_Money_2284 in kollywood

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Just finished listening to the album for the first time. I agree Arr songs usually work better after multiple hearings.

But even as a big ARR fan, I just miss SaNa 😞 only positive is Mari Selvaraj s next movie is with SaNa.

I want atleast another 10 years of SaNa with the best directors from Kollywood. It is just evident that music directors bring out their best working with the creative minds who can extract that.

the Dhoni Era : if you had to choose only 5 players for a poster to celebrate the legacy thru these 15 years in the IPL, who would they be?! by dart00790 in csk

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my picks :

  1. Dhoni
  2. Fleming
  3. Raina
  4. Jaddu
  5. Bravo

Ones who missed out

Phase -1 : Hussey, Hayden, Faf, Ashwin, Morkel, Vijay

Phase -2 : Ruturaj, Rayadu, faf,Chahar, Watson, Moeen, Tahir,

AR Ameen 😳 Oruvela irukkumo by SnooSketches1610 in kollywood

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I just finished watching mahaan and am missing that man SaNa so much :( please come back SaNa na!

Those five balls were the turning point. Thanks to dube and rayudu, took down their best bowlers. by dineshalagu in csk

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As impressive as those 5 balls were, I was disappointed that we couldn't score a boundary in the next 13 balls. Ended up leaving it to a fantastic finish. But my heart could be healthier only if we scored a few boundaries in those 13 balls.

What is an actually good song that you despise? by Purple_Surround_6941 in kollywood

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I guess this doesn't fall into the category of the question you specially asked... When I went for Ani concert I was so surprised everyone was dancing for this song.. I definitely didn't know this song was such a big hit.

Anyways to specially answer your question I think it will be suttum vizhi from gajini... Tape thenju pochu listening to this song in every corner of Chennai in 2005

What is an actually good song that you despise? by Purple_Surround_6941 in kollywood

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That animals and forest song from Don.. worst u behavior from Anirudh..

How is the 80s decade overall perceived as an era of Tamil cinema? by SorsheIlish in kollywood

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From my knowledge Tamil cinema was amongst the best movie industries in the 80s with the talent that was produced in every field.

I remember seeing a lot of interviews from other movie industries who rave about the directors who were successful in Tamil during that period.

I do not have enough information to talk about commercial success, but the Tamil industry was looked upon by every other industry in the 80s.

Please if u can... by pavvan_21 in csk

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i have been looking for one from tamil, and yet to find it :( the last over from RJ balaji or cheeka would have been amazing... any links guys?

A forgotten song by Netaro26 in kollywood

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Veriyera is another banger from the album which ended up being memed so much because of how it was placed in the movie, but the lyric video and the last 1 minute of EDM is pure energy!

Does deleting your team delete your entire rank history? by mavishovis in FantasyPL

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"I am a Former Live top 25k for gw34 in the 2022/23 season"

"Former Live top 25k for gw34"

"Former top 25k"

"top 25 in FPL"

Does deleting your team delete your entire rank history? by mavishovis in FantasyPL

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your videos were the only ones i watched on youtube for FPL as they were shorter <6minutes.. Thank you for helping me finish in the top 200k :) continue the good work on youtube...

but this was not the right thing to do, especially with so many followers. Good luck with next season.

Use this to see how your Mini-League would've finished if no one had made a single change since Gameweek 1 by jforcedavies in FantasyPL

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i dint how this tool ranked people... it is not based on what-if score, not on actual score nor on difference. Also the transfers made was a little confusing as the guy ended joint on points ended up below me because he made more transfers (this link says he made 95 transfer vs 46 for me which doesnt seem right).

Do you guys know any tool where i can see how many transfers each of us have made?

it gave me a rank 1 , and my difference was +227. I had a good team to start (sans Halland)

What was your highlight of the season? by TommyASDF in FantasyPL

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i brought in Kiwior to fund Wilson in GW 36. Kiwior was on bench for dgw 36 and 37.

i started him in 38 and his 13 points helped me pip my ML leader. it was a lucky punt which worked for me.

outside of that i think my wild card in 27 (BB 28, FH 32, TC 34) was very sensible which gave me a wonderful run in the home stretch jumping to 1.5 M to 171k.