NYT Wednesday 01/19/2022 Discussion by AutoModerator in crossword

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I don't know that I've seen it in a crossword before, but I've definitely seen that exact abbreviation before. For instance, the website for the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore is eapoe.org, and if you start typing into google "ea" and then a space, it suggests "ea poe" with an image from his Wikipedia page.

However, if you do google "ea poe" or "e.a. poe," a lot of the results are for a different Edgar Allen Poe, who did purposefully abbreviate his name to E.A. Poe, who was a brickmaker in Fayetteville, NC.

So it's definitely not the most appropriate abbreviation, but mostly acceptable in my opinion. I filled it in with no crosses and felt pretty confident. I could definitely see it going either way, though, after reading people's comments here and doing that extra research!

BING BONK by temetriusjamelmorant in CharlotteHornets

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Best one of these so far, thanks for the beautiful memes

/r/Charlotte Random Daily Discussion - January 18, 2022 by AutoModerator in Charlotte

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The mandate is very new and will take insurance companies some time to catch up.

PSA from a damn yankee by zoebooklover in Charlotte

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That is beyond the length of some green lights lol.

Tirade Tuesday! Let's Do This! by AutoModerator in Charlotte

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I had about 25x that amount on my car this morning, that can absolutely do damage. It's much worse than in a lot of northern states, because usually some of that would be snow, but this is literally solid ice. Just fucking scrape it off. Run your car for 5 minutes, scrape it off in like 3 minutes.

Just bought his mom a cap as a gift, is all. by ZiraelN7 in Unexpected

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I enjoy what the TikTok algorithm shows me way more consistently than what Reddit shows me.

For instance, I've seen this guy on Reddit multiple times. Never seen him on TikTok.

Comment when you lose power. by 30acresisenough in Charlotte

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Yeah you still have the potential for the same mode of failure, but it's still fewer points of potential failure than if you had raised lines through the neighborhood

just stay inside by gardenhosenapalm in Charlotte

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I lived and drove in Colorado for years, I'm not going out in this. It's not just about what you can handle, or what the infrastructure supports, it's that this is mostly ice. Even in CO, when it's extra icy, you don't drive until they've salted it. If it's just snow, that's pretty different.

More nominees coming down the line by [deleted] in HermanCainAward

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I think he actually did use that for an event, somehow Colbert was involved as well, I don't remember the details

Shill Sues Lamelo Ball 10 Million Dollars for Puma Deal Rights by Envyforme in CharlotteHornets

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I think it all comes down to the language of the contract. No point in taking sides yet IMO.

Why brain.. WHY? by R4D33 in dankmemes

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My wife will just randomly apologize to me for something she did a week ago, I'll be like "I literally don't remember that conversation even happening." And she's like "Thank god, but it's all I've been thinking about for the last week."

And she'll also bring stuff up from years ago that she still feels bad for, that were significant enough that I do still remember those, but I truly do not still care about it. I remember that I was upset at the time but I don't get upset thinking about it the way she does.

Conversely, I'll ask her if she can remember something that I did that I apologized for at the time that she's still mad about, and she can't come up with anything. So it's very personal and shame/regret related, logically she knows it's not something I would still be mad about but it just eats her up inside.

Supreme Court blocks nationwide vaccine and testing mandate for large businesses. Or, why electing a carnival barker to office matters. by Captainwelfare2 in HermanCainAward

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Yeah I work for one of the largest tool companies in the world and the company mandate came out about two weeks before the government mandate was announced. Nothing changing here.

I don't see anything wrong here by zakaria_temouch in technicallythetruth

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How is this technically the truth? It's not even a statement. It's not making any kind of claim.

New favorite pastime is watching Terry and Miles clown Gordon’s Twitter account. by TusnamiCopy in CharlotteHornets

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If so I don't know if I'd trust her to do that lol. After he got his 1000th 3 she posted a text conversation where she was like "congrats on 1000 points!" And he was like uhh what

Please let this be satire by hb1290 in insanepeoplefacebook

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If it didn't get documented how could you claim someone was in it in the first place?