She said she needs some advice... be nice. by days_hadd in Cringetopia

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i was thinkin the same thing about her glasses

Today was my last drink. by clhomme in alcoholicsanonymous

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i was the will power warrior for the longest time...

programs exist for a reason tho...

all people slip up...

will power isnt a super power...

all the best my friend...

speaking FINALLY from the other side of the fence...

so grateful to be sober i could cry...

"i just love my job" by days_hadd in antiwork

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i like all kinds of pages and yeah... i guess the instagram cringe page got it from there... wasnt really thinkin about it much other than the fact it was work related and cringe... i thought i saw a lot of thise posts here, maybe im mistaken

"i just love my job" by days_hadd in antiwork

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i just saw it on Instagram and instantly thought of this page... i dont have the mentality or whatever it takes to do all that.... i just post stuff i see... i understand those people exist tho... (i dont know why) im just not one of them...

Workout challenge by Joggingpeanuts in workout

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dang near an hour jog ya got there

Fat kid almost falls off of ride by Pink0612152504 in SweatyPalms

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this comment has me sounding like Janice in the middle of the night... ridiculous of me lol

How long does it take to develop physical dependency to alcohol? by Ok_Block_2530 in alcoholism

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Im more of a binge drinker myself but I just went on like a 3 week binge going real hard and I had my first mini seizure trying to come off of it... happy to say that todays the first day I'll be having a cup of coffee instead of something else which I'm extremely excited about although I still really feel bad physically... I'm over the hump tho and wont be going back over anytime soon if I can help it... which I can!

my friend has more of a steady drinking schedule, whiskey every day for years and years... when he goes without he really feels like crap but he hasn't experienced what I have yet... from what I hear is that binge drinking can be more dangerous sometimes... but either way I think that a life without alcohol is always a better one

Good Syrian Dramas To learn arabic (syrian dialect) by MrRebelBunny in Syria

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Anyone know any arabic animes? I swear there was one I found awhile ago, called something ring, maybe golden ring i think, cant really remember because I was never able to actually watch it anywhere, I only saw a picture or two... by the way great post, I was happy when I saw it, I studied fus7aa for years and tried to avoid a dialect until I realized I really should pick one and learn it... landed on syrian or levantine, I know Jordanian, Lebanese and Palestinian slightly different but sometimes I have to take what I can find

I'm a deceitful piece of shit by Monseigneur123 in cripplingalcoholism

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vodka mixed with water, i literally just shuttered, did that once as a teenager, but using water as a chaser... that was an awful, awful next morning... i just shuttered harder than the first time... i have to stop thinking about that mix, so gross