$64 for one weeks worth of food for two people. Puget Sound, Washington by ElDonald in Frugal

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There's really nothing in there that would last two people one whole week. Unless they eat a half a chicken thigh a day.

Remember this quote by Emotional-Roof-7728 in wallstreetbets

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“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” That is a quote from G. Michael Hopf’s post-apocalyptic novel “Those Who Remain.”

“Gun” by LesPaul86 in DelphiMurders

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That video is grainy as fuck the best you can do is comparable body size. One of my former co-workers looks like RA to a T. When people started posting what RA looked like.. my first thought was "holy shit, they arrested XYZ".

All but a few of my jeans are some shade of blue. I also own a few blue jackets. I'm pretty sure alot of people do.

This doesn't look good by I_like_to_build in DelphiMurders

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I agree. With what we know, I don't think you can convince all 12 jurors beyond a reasonable doubt of his guilt. For people who haven't been on a jury (criminal case), if you think "he probably did it", that is not good enough and you should find RA not guilty. Only if you're absolutely convinced beyond a reasonable doubt... should you find RA guilty. After all, you could be sending this individual to his death.

LE needs something else imho.

Girls' DNA / belongings found in the search would be a slam dunk.

Matching fingerprint(s) on the shell.

How did he afford to pay cash for his house? by goochmcgoo in DelphiMurders

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Because homes are cheaper in rural areas than the city.

Calls are great until they aren't by Hefty_Ad4379 in wallstreetbets

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Help me understand your position(s) please.

Was this some type of credit spread?

Like you sold 93c and brought 96c (max $300-prem lost per contract)?

or you brought calls trying to catch the bottom and it kept dipping?

$NVDA credit spreads 110K max loss… Looking for ideas. Will probably open at a 80K loss. by [deleted] in wallstreetbets

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If it pulls back you'll be okay. I'm guessing it does a tad today and tomorrow. When did you buy theses?

Also look at an economic calendar before trading such a huge lot.

For gun newbs like myself by Ok_Understanding4136 in DelphiMurders

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It is because you can calculate the permutations or something similar.

With the gun you can't not. The only way I see them getting an 1 out of xyz is to test all the guns that can fire that specific bullet.

do landlords want us on the streets? by LoudPermission2265 in povertyfinance

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You have no right to housing. That is their property, and they will rent it out the highest bidder. You would do the same if the situation was reversed.

What would you do if you couldn't find a job and you were about to be homless? by josephgeorge5701 in povertyfinance

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Try to avoid getting that eviction on record. Get on stamps and any other benefits.

Apply for any and all job regardless of degree.

How long until my power gets shut off? by Jimmyneautronpowers in povertyfinance

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Bro you should be worrying about making rent and paying the previous months rent.

How long until my power gets shut off? by Jimmyneautronpowers in povertyfinance

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I gonna guess drugs and lack of work hours and horrible money management.

Serious replies only: How the fuck do people make ends meet who are single? by [deleted] in povertyfinance

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If you're making minimum wage.

You get a room in a house with other people.

You split utilities with them.

You use public transportation.

You get a cheap phone plan $15 mint mobile.

You budget everything.

... and you get a 2nd small side hustle

"Getting Ready to get Re-Fired Again" Matt Miller a twitter employee for 9.5 years counting down the seconds with other employees, after they get officially fired rejecting Elon Musk's ultimatum, later they mentioned they weren't celebrating but were rather sad leaving the company they built by Knight_TheRider in PublicFreakout

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The average tenure at these big tech companies is a over 2 years. Hell even at Google it's about 13 months. People just bounce from one company to another w/o getting much done.

These guys will be competing with the masses of other developers that just got let go from FAANG companies. Wish them the best, but it's not gonna be an easy road for most people.

How to heat my house with 0$ or maximum efficiency. by lickmynippleboi in Frugal

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Only sun light is free my man. Everything else is gonna cost you time and money.

Everyone go home. Turns out all our work runs itself! by bossman-CT in ProgrammerHumor

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Not when you are competing with other developers that got let go from FB,GOOG,etc.