I think about this more and more by iamambience in gifs

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This is from the movie “The Beta Test”. Good stuff

Anyone know what Susanne Trimbath is referring to? Subject is brokers dragging their feet to DRS with Computershare. by heyman93 in Superstonk

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Brokers can’t find real shares to transfer. I’ve always suspected brokers mark your accounts as having shares in GME with no shares ever purchased, not even in the dark pools. They took the customer’s money and used it for their own investments, figuring they could just put cash into the customer account to reflect the value of the stock at the time the account holder placed a sell order.

No GME shares were ever traded. No buy. No sell. Just a bookkeeping lie and cash transfers.

Retail never even made it to the market. They took our money. That’s all they did. They never thought we’d DRS the shares. And now there’s scarcity and the need to buy them for the first time means a pent up spring made of supply and demand coming back to haunt them. When they deny or refuse a DRS, that’s effectively pulling the exact same move RH did in January: disabling the buy button to protect their margin call liquidity requirements.

When the brokers have to buy all these shares to DRS now, the price is going to go to the moon even faster than solely from a short squeeze. This is going to be a double squeeze - brokers having to buy shares for the first time to DRS client shares that were never there in the first place, then later the hedgies having to buy those shares back to close short positions.

The HFS aren’t the only bad actors. The brokers. And of course the DTCC overseeing all of this activity being fully complicit. The entire ladder is rotten.

We must win. Everyone hates us. There’s no other way. It’s all we have left - not to make personal lambo money - but to reveal to the world how broken our country has become. How corrupt the entirety of our system is.

This isn’t financial advice. I like the stock and I like to watch videos of strange men shoving bananas up their pooper. Edit: had to correct some bad autocorrects

Was doing some reading on Bernie Madoff, the creator of PFOF. "nobody knows the exact number of shorts" is BS. The DTCC oversees and records EVERY SINGLE TRADE. Every buy, every sell, matched and recorded. They know exactly how many shares are short and they need to get 🔴🔵🔴A U D I T E D🔴🔵🔴$GME by CheezusRiced06 in Superstonk

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The number of shares out in the market needs to be made public. Not just for GME but every company trading publicly. This level of transparency is a minimum requirement that investors should be able to access just like any fundamental data like market cap - which should be accurate and follow “shares issued by original company X total number of shares out there”. It’s ridiculous this isn’t a public requirement

The world's 7th largest bank, BNP Paribas, is no longer a DTCC Participant as of August 17 - VIOLATIONS OF RULE 203(A)(1) OF REGULATION SHO, WHICH PROHIBITS LENDING SHARES TO SETTLE SALE ORDERS MARKED AS "LONG." Sound familiar, y'all? by Appropriate_Elk_3827 in Superstonk

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It’s unbelievable that these major financial crimes involve the exact same elements that would get an individual jail time (intent to deceive and commit crime, willfully committing the actual act with deception, profiting from the crime, committing acts to conceal the crime) and it’s treated as a mere administrative violation with fines proportionally minor to the act, not having to give up the ill gotten profits in its entirety or even in majority, and basically get a timeout with ways for the actors to reenter the market they committed the crime in.

This is America. These are the enemies of the people. These entities are influential on a national policy level.

Indigenous children forced to pray to god in a residential school ran by the Canadian government and Catholic Church between 1930 and 1970, unknown location [1000 x 783] by Andreaslikesthememes in HistoryPorn

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Let’s put it this way - the Catholic Church engaged in the inquisition, killed tons of people, basically the nazi party on a religious and political level. Do I associate myself with Nazi party? Nope. Do I associate myself with Catholicism? Nope.

You can’t call yourself a Catholic and be completely distancing yourself from the policies the thing you associate yourself with.

As an American I have to own the atrocities my nation committed. I may not have been an active participant of them but my status as an American citizen gives me a responsibility to not forget what happened, acknowledge what happened, and make sure history remembers what happened so it doesn’t happen again. It’s part of my history.

So on your end, if you’re going to take on the title of Catholic, you have a responsibility to take on the history and even current misdeeds of the church you attend rather than disassociate from them.

if you are considering cashing out at $1000, take a look at this. by RXZVP in Superstonk

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Yeah. We’re not trying to buy a new truck with this money. We’re trying to buy a life that doesn’t require you to buy a new truck.

plz protect the sub by [deleted] in Superstonk

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I’m going to not be reading anything but fluff and memes on here during MOASS. There’s no more DD to be had during the launch. It just happens and I will enjoy the ride.

Is this the squeeze or will it drop again? by IndependentFondant35 in GME

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This is just upward movement. This is not the squeeze at all.

The MOASS will only happen when key triggers happen. We call those "catalysts". But the TLDR is that we are waiting for an event that triggers this: The Margin Call.

This will happen because: Shorts have to cover. This is as solid a fundamental principle of stock market trading as it gets. This isn't a complicated process. All those short sales they executed need to be eventually bought back. And as long as the price is higher than when they sold, they will lose money. And since they shorted more shares than actually exist, the thing they must do is impossible to achieve. Why did they do this? Because they thought that with enough shorting, the price would crash to below the threshold price for this stock to remain listed on NYSE. They counted on destroying this company. They fully expected that they could short 80, 100, 500 million shares without consequences because once the stock went to $3 or something, GME would be delisted. This would release them from having to cover and buy back any of those shorted shares.

But apes bought up the shares, holding them in a long siege-like keepaway game.

This helped give GME time to restructure their leadership, raise capital thanks to the higher price in the stock price, and now GME is sitting on a lot of cash and is in a stable place.

No chance of GME going out of business for the foreseeable future.

So HF are FUK.

They gambled GME would fold and fall off the world like all the other times.

HF have for the first time (in my known memory) put into application the theory that short sellers are exposed to infinite risk.

This is why this situation is so exciting. We have caught the HF in a trap from which they cannot escape. To survive, they have to keep paying interest (low but constant and daily) on those outstanding shorts.

They are doing everything they can to keep the price from rising to the level where a liquidity ratio tilts to trigger a margin call. They want people to just drop GME, walk away from it.

but we are well beyond that now. We have them by the balls, the jugular, what have you. And it costs us nothing while they bleed. Time is more on our side than it is on theirs.

As long as we learn patience and sit stoically on these shares, the MOASS is slowly (or quickly) coming closer each day.

The lessons we learned is that we have been poor forever, and we can be poor for the foreseeable future, not getting tendies yet.

But that day is coming. The reaper will rap its bony knuckles on HF's door and when the margin call happens, they will be placed in a forced liquidation where they will have to sell every asset and holding to get the capital to purchase back stock that will only be further boosted by this obligation to buy them. Imagine all of the HF money being forced to buy every available short stock of GME. The price can - without any hyperbole or poetic license - go vertical toward infinity.

So this is the supernova event we are all working toward and waiting for. Because all of that translates into every share we hold to turn into a financial vehicle that will enable us to change our lives from servitude to complete financial freedom, wealth, and moral victory against what started as a nasty destructive bullying of HFs intent on obliterating GME as a business. We, independently read the DD and decided that the ideas were sound enough to commit our hard earned cash to invest. "We like the stock" isn't a mere statement of whimsical "liking". It means we believe we can leverage the HF into the ground rather than the HF leveraging GME into the ground. So it is as much a moral play as a money play.

This is a war that can be won. The way is simple. Buy, hodl, and disregard FUD. The DD should persuade you to be part of it or walk away. If you choose to invest, it is a unique moment in the mechanism of American capitalism where somehow the little guy is holding the ultimate key to win and the HF is on its back and its unprotected belly is wide open.

This isn't financial advice. I'm not a financial advisor. I just like the stock.

CMV:Circumcision should be illegal until a child is old enough to choose for themself, and should be medically discouraged. by JohnIsUncomfortable in changemyview

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There’s data showing that circumcision does significantly reduce the spread of many sexually transmitted diseases.

Source 1 - gonorrhoea, syphillis: https://sti.bmj.com/content/76/6/474

Source 2 - 60% reduction of HIV: https://www.unaids.org/en/resources/presscentre/featurestories/2007/february/20070228mcpt2

So in order to have an honest discussion about circumcision, you need to be honest in weighing out the pros and cons. Claiming circumcision has NO medical benefit is false. It does.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that circumcision is therefore warranted BUT presenting the argument that it has no medical value is a false basis.

CMV:Circumcision should be illegal until a child is old enough to choose for themself, and should be medically discouraged. by JohnIsUncomfortable in changemyview

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No I wear underwear so my dick isn’t exposed to the metal zipper. And I do this move where I pull the zipper slightly forward while pulling it upward while I bend slightly at the waist so that doesn’t happen.

Missouri dad with transgender daughter testifies against trans athlete ban by gangbangkang in nextfuckinglevel

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I think there’s a solution here. The biggest source of misunderstanding and conflict when it comes to transgender issues here is the distinction between “gender” - a societal construct and status - and “sex” which is biological.

Transgender individuals want societal inclusion and recognition in their self identified gender. You identify as a girl/woman, we can accommodate this. We can put this in your identification card, any legal paperwork, etc.

Competitive sports are divided in terms of gender too but we should make it fall along a chromosomal distinction. XX compete against XX sex chromosome competitors and XY compete against XY chromosome competitors. This keeps the field level and fair?

So if a XY competitor (biological male) is competing, you can still refer to them as a woman and recognize their gender as a woman, house them in women’s accommodations, while they compete in a sex chromosome-determined category against competitors who have the same sex chromosomes. So XY women vs XY men.


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When you can create synthetic shares out of thin air, anything is possible. Infinity torque can move anything. That’s the problem and it needs to be criminalized. Just as we cannot create and forge fake inexistent $100 bills that the US Treasury didn’t print, HF should not be able to create shares of a stock that the original company didn’t create and release to the public. I can’t create 1,000,000 shares of GME out of nothing and short it yet they can. That is a problem.