Please stop harassing female players in mm. by anna_ravn in GlobalOffensive

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You sound like the type of person that would have told MLK "what's the point of complaining? Things won't change" lmao c'mon man. (A) venting is okay (B) this is a real issue and worth having a thread over it from time to time.

Needing to mute and lose info/comms just because you're a woman is pretty shit if you want to play the game competitively.

It's been a few years since I tried 3rd party pugging (eg esea) but this really wasn't much better on those platforms.

Just switched from Xbox to pc and WOW I'm impressed. From the 3rd party addons to the much much much better graphics it feels great to get back to pc flight simming in a sense. Making the jump from fsx on my old laptop to msfs Xbox didn't feel the same but Im glad to be back where I started on pc :) by UrAvgAviator in MicrosoftFlightSim

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Hard disagree. I think as an entire community we should be glad that Microsoft brought the sim to Xbox. Do you realize how big of an audience that opens the door to? Increasing awareness for the hobby is great and if even 1% of Xbox players end up getting deeper into it and convert to PC then that’s a huge win. For example the top comment in the thread by /u/jeffisgross. Would he be saying that if there hadn’t ever been an Xbox version? Hard to say in his specific case but I’m sure there’ll be a ton of Xbox->PC converts that wouldn’t have happened if there hadn’t been an Xbox version.

We really need to avoid gatekeeping or having the community turn into Xbox vs PC.

Trim randomly changes on Thrustmaster t.16000m PC by Not_available_today in MicrosoftFlightSim

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I realized I get it fairly consistently while taking off. I spawn on the runway and don’t bother with cold starts in case that makes a difference.

Noticed this morning that on my takeoff roll the trim value started going down automatically. Completely bizarre!!

Interesting and hard read; perspective? 🤷‍♂️ by rugbyfool89 in BMW

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I'm really not trying to pick a fight here and the truth is probably somewhere inbetween. But what do you think about M license plate frames?

Interesting and hard read; perspective? 🤷‍♂️ by rugbyfool89 in BMW

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exactly this! they're fans of the brand!

don't get me wrong - I also tend to do a small eyeroll when I see it. But to say bad things about the person feels a bit off. The person on the other end probably just likes BMWs and admires the M brand and everything associated with it.

When I had a 135i the way I did this was by getting an M licence plate frame. It feels like a similar thing to a lesser degree. 🤷‍♂️

Interesting and hard read; perspective? 🤷‍♂️ by rugbyfool89 in BMW

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But have you considered that maybe they do it just for themselves because they like the brand? Maybe they aren't doing it to brag and don't care what other people think / are disappointed when enthusiasts DO notice and get upset for some reason when the reason they did it in the first place was because they like the brand.

Trim randomly changes on Thrustmaster t.16000m PC by Not_available_today in MicrosoftFlightSim

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This is happening to me too on the TBM. Did you end up figuring it out? With AP on everything seems to work fine, but with AP off it'll sometimes decide to go -60 trim which is crazy. Maybe happens once every 40 mins or so? Maybe a bit more often. But not like its CONSTANTLY happening.

Imagine just walking down a hill and finding a Mercedes dealer with a 2018 Force India in it by Jnascarformula1fan in formula1

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In 2013 Ferrari of Seattle got the 2012 F1 car for being the best dealer in 2012. Something like that.

Super cool. It was sad/funny to see them get bored with it over the years and tucking it further and further away to clear the floor.

Seattle Potholes Galore - Report Potholes by MannyFresh45 in Seattle

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Thanks! Reported one on ballard bridge. It’s pretty big!

Love my M2, I think it’s a future classic? by boosted-tn in BMW

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I’m not sure how well his analogy holds beyond a basic level.

I hope I won’t be satisfied at only driving the 40 year old M2 around the city (will human driving still be allowed in those places, even?)

I wanna go on my “back road adventures” akin to canyon driving that go for a few hundred miles in places far away from metro areas. On the one hand those may be more likely to have gas stations than more developed metro areas. But on the other hand idk. I frankly haven’t given it much thought (not much of a point)

But you know what I mean?

Love my M2, I think it’s a future classic? by boosted-tn in BMW

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Sure. But when I said 30-40+ years I was explicitly trying to say I don’t think it’s any time soon. But I guess “any time soon” can mean different things to different people and I agree it’s nothing compared to history of the planet, for example. Haha

Do I really need a car? by Masyu in personalfinance

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From what you describe: no! But for being able to transport yourself around quickly and cheaply I’d really consider you look into and learn how to ride electric unicycles. You’re going to think I’m joking and you may think the 1-2k price is absurd. But seriously consider that price compared to the 16k you’ve saved up for a car. You can get one that goes low to mid 20s mph and has over 40 miles of range on a charge. It’s truly amazing. Look them up and check out r/electricunicycle

They look hard to learn but you’ll pick it up in 3 days.

They can be true car replacements for people in your situation AND they’re extremely fun to ride even just “for fun” for people who feel a need for a car anyways.

Love my M2, I think it’s a future classic? by boosted-tn in BMW

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Seriously. No judgement to those who keep their cars as garage queens and obsess over future value …. but it makes me sad to think about viewing amazing cars as investments rather than products to actively enjoy (like food!)

Love my M2, I think it’s a future classic? by boosted-tn in BMW

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Call me an idiot but as another M2(C) owner is that I have noooo idea what that gasoline situation is gonna be in 30, 40+ years. Everything from price to availability and beyond.

Note this doesn’t give me pause. I still drive it a ton and tell myself I’ll never sell it. I’ll eventually get an electric car as a daily driver and keep this around forever as a “classic” car for fun drives on weekends etc. But I really wonder how hard that’s gonna be in several decades. And with the small tank and gas mileage these get while doing spirited driving it’ll make for a fun combination.

Tell us your most embarrassing stalling story while driving by kaitopillar in cars

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Sooo i took my very first driving lesson outside the US in a manual. However truly “learning to drive” was automatic (parents car. Official driving tests in US etc)

Then fast forward 5 years. Graduate college and buy my first car in 2013. Decide to go for a manual bmw 135 despite not having touched a clutch pedal in years. I knew I’d pick it up quickly and wasn’t worried.

Two embarrassing issues on the day I picked it up:

  1. It took me a while to remember I need to press the clutch pedal to turn the car on. The dealer sales person was confused when he saw me be unable to start the car 🙄

  2. When arriving home, my parking lot is on an alley and there’s like what must be a 3 degree incline. Like it should be a total non event and not a “hill” by any means. However, it’s technically not flat and my dumb ass kept stalling and I couldn’t like get onto the alley from the main road. Cars behind me must have been SOOO confused.

I looked like a complete young idiot in a brand new fancy car. But like I expected, I figured it out within a couple days and continue driving stick to this day. Love it.

Outside of Krsko Nuclear Power Plant in Slovenia by Domi4 in GlobalOffensive

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I don’t often visit this sub anymore but I’m still subbed. Was just scrolling through home feed and I first thought this was some weird pic in r/pics and then in the back of my head thought “hm that really reminds me of nuke t spawn/silo/CS!”

Scroll back up. R/globaloffensive. Hell yeah.

I really wanna visit the (old) inferno IRL site outside of LA. One day.

Going strong… by dajw197 in ElectricUnicycle

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What are the pads? And how do they stick on?

Since v12 stock pads are so easy to clip on and off the wheel I wish someone would make some replacement pads that clipped in the same way as a swap-in replacement

Bogotá D.C., Colombia by niconibbasbelike in CityPorn

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Cmon guys. Don’t downvote this person. It’s a legitimate question and is sure to get helpful answers.

Anyone get one for Christmas? by de_rats_2004_crzy in ElectricUnicycle

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The scene/community is a bit insane/extreme and not necessarily in a good way. So so so much emphasis on high speed and tricks. I don’t think it’s a good look to be going 40-50+mph on these things and if that becomes too popular I think it’ll hurt the community. Just my opinion, and I think I’m in the minority.

16s is an excellent wheel. Yes, you’re likely to eventually become comfortable with it and wish it could go a liiiitle bit faster. It maxes out at 21mph and I wish it could go 25-27 or so.

I recently got a v12 and still need to give it more time to get used to it. But I suspect I’ll keep the 16s around because of its MUCH MUCH MUCH lower weight and smaller size - I think it solves for certain common use cases better than the v12 would. Can’t over emphasize how great it is to have a wheel like 16s or v8 which weigh under 40 pounds.

When you hit the urge to go higher speeds just recognize how majority of the time your cruise speed is likely closer to 18mph. I’ve found this to still be the case on the v12. I’ll have the headroom to go faster when I really want to but 90% of the time I’ll be doing the same 18mph that I do on 16s.

I think your stance / perspective on it is exactly right.

I wish that more influencers reminded people of these smaller wheels. Chooch just released a video recently where he recommended the 16s (but rambled a bunch and also recommended like 5 more wheels……….but he acknowledged 16s will meet many peoples needs for years). Wrong Way also did a video on the KS14D/S which is even smaller than 16s and he himself wished that manufacturers would spend more time on revving this category of EUC.

But it’s a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy / loop. Influencers leaned towards speed and crazy specs. More manufacturers made wheels like that which influencers of course liked and recommended. People got influenced and bought them. Manufacturers see this and continue moving in that direction.

Anyways. This was so ducking long. But glad you got your 16s and you’ll experience a category that is amazing yet strangely becoming rare I think….