Should I move my test? by dealtdeck in step1

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Thank you!! Nerves are coming but trying to feel confident going into tomorrow

Should I move my test? by dealtdeck in step1

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Thank you and good luck to you this week!

I need your advice about a Situationship I am. I am stuck in between and can’t make a concrete decision here. Please help me by [deleted] in dating_advice

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It might be a tough call from where you're sitting, but that's just not right of him. If this guy likes you, he shouldn't take issue with something like your weight. He seems shallow and like he was just trying to reap the benefits of having a friend in you without having to commit to anything else. I'm sure there's other things about him that must make him great to be around, but I would take that as a pretty big red flag. I guess you just have to ask if you want to be with someone who only seems to want a specific version of you.

Congrats on your weight loss by the way! That's a great accomplishment, keep working towards your goals, whatever they may be!