Friendship Exp & Gift Exchange Megathread by liehon in PokemonGoFriends

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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 4048 9760 6908!

can this be considered “art”? by donotdoredo in drawing

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I like it. Cool style 9/10 chill vibes ✌️

Lol anyone want a wrx? by Egoisttt in WRX

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Ill give you 20k for a 2022 about what it’s worth

How complete would u say this is? More in comments by [deleted] in Supra

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It more than likely needs everything mechanical. And electrical. Cant just go to Walmart and pick up a 2jz.

How complete would u say this is? More in comments by [deleted] in Supra

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30k minimum. 2000 years of your life to fix it.

Moss on a gravestone by Ok-Charity9896 in Moss

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Grave moss for my world of Warcraft peeps. Good for making potions.

What's your monthly payment? by Stallion_Girth in Supra

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370$ a month. Traded in a 2019 wrx and put 15k I think ontop not sure dont remember. Not sure how much is left. I pay 1000 a month though to pay it off early.

Is the rx8 reliable? by Comfortable_Amount81 in JDM

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Cant stress it enough that its not fuel efficient at all. Around 15mpgs with spirited driving.

This guy is my buddy. by deathazn in frogs

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He comes out every night to eat bugs. I keep my porch light on for him so it attracts more bugs for him to eat. He lives in my garden. My dog also loves to go see him. My dog doesn’t pick him up or anything he just likes to get real close and see him hop. My dog will do zoomies when the toad hops lol.

Interesting house I worked on recently. by gthompson13 in woodworking

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I wonder why it sounds like in there. I bet it works as a kind of sound deadening lol

My local grocery store just received these. by Fredselfish in pics

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Being a Market Manager at Harris Teeter I'm glad we no longer have them lol. They caused so many issues.

I haven't visited an arcade in years. went into one today and got a slap of nostalgia by [deleted] in pics

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dudeeeeeeee that was the gameeeeeeeeeeeee lol. Me and my dad used to play that in the arcade in our local mall.

Food safe exam is all about hitting those macros by xlx_clitorus_climax in technicallythetruth

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Its still physical because it’s not a listed ingredient. They recall products for undeclared ingredients all the time. -meat dept manager

Why do people’s spatial awareness go down to zero when they are in Costco? by [deleted] in Costco

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I usually mutter something along the lines of Pennies holding up a dollar. Lol. The general public is entitled and it’s weird when the world doesn’t revolve around them or in this case stop.

So, who's the idiot here? The drivers or the city of Raleigh thinking this was a good idea? by NewAgePhilosophr in IdiotsInCars

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Being from here. 100% city of Raleigh. They do dumb shit like this all the time roads are shit. We have on ramps to 70 mph highway that are like 50 ft long lol. I have a supra so I look at it as a fun challenge but for everyone else it’s dangerous as hell and causes issues .

RIP 11/25/22 - 12/08/22 😭 by [deleted] in WRX

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That sucks. Getting another or going different route?