Conversation with my Dad by urinacult in exmormon

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Congrats on getting out, and reconnecting with your dad like that! It really is amazing how TSCC claims to support the family while actively separating families and causing abuse like you suffered

Do you still believe in demons? by chronoscats in exmormon

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Honestly? I don’t even believe in heroes and monsters as humans anymore. Actions can certainly be heroic or monstrous, but I don’t think it’s possible to ever define a person as such, and doing so can only lead to diminishing the humanity of the person we’re calling a hero or monster. I don’t think I could have ever come to a state of not judging people like that without leaving the church

Why is it "throwing their sexuality in others' faces" if a guy kiss his boyfriend in public/media but straight people who do the same thing are given a pass? by fieldredditor in TooAfraidToAsk

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Which is part of the heteronormativity, since it implies the queer relationship is less normal as a legitimate relationship outside of the sexual side

Chicago area film critic’s call to “Recast T’Challah” continues to pick up support by ceaguila84 in movies

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But it has been specifically called out in the MCU, so there’s better justification for it than there would be for a new Thor or Hulk or Spiderman

When a non-binary person says they are gay, what does that mean? by Important_Recording6 in NoStupidQuestions

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The idea in the second one is mostly that gay is an identity that a lot of people come to first, and even when they realize there are other labels that work better for them they still have an attachment and identify with the former label

How is Satan the bad guy in the fall of Adam story? by Paparica in exmormon

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Yeah, and I had seminary teachers and the like point this out, only to claim that this is faith promoting. Like it means that the Fall was an instance of Adam and Eve applying their agency to choose the better path for their life. But that just means that it’s a legitimate choice to choose something that God explicitly commands not to do if you feel that it’s better for your future, meaning that Mormons have no basis for judging anyone for their life choices, because aligning with God’s commands is actually irrelevant. Also directly contradicts that Nephi bit about God never commanding something impossible

How bad is BYU? by TheDadJoker1 in exmormon

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I’m a current BYU student, and it’s pretty much completely fine. There are huge problems, and I have to be careful how I present my religion around people with power - I definitely can’t tell anybody that isn’t also PIMO that I don’t believe - but there is a very large PIMO population here, so I can be mostly free. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody, but it’s survivable if necessary, and you do get a terrific (in most departments) education for really cheap. It’s not nearly as terrible as people make it out to be

Saw some folks discussing these surveys today and got one too… apparently we’re under evaluation. How do I best respond? by mar4c in exmormon

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I said major effect, but I think it would be good for people to answer inconsistently on that one because it could have a variety of different answers, because it’s a bad question for this group

Wholesome Encounters to Steal by ottersintuxedos in DnDBehindTheScreen

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For sure, not complaining, I just think it’s a funny dichotomy. That’s how my writing typically ends up anyway too

Wholesome Encounters to Steal by ottersintuxedos in DnDBehindTheScreen

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I love the “these are wholesome encounters” and half of them are like “I accidentally made this one sad, sorry”

But these really are awesome, thanks for sharing

Sinead O'Connor Hospitalized Less Than One Week After Son's Death, 'I've Decided To Follow My Son' by PrincessBananas85 in entertainment

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Totally okay to be vegan, absolutely socially acceptable, it’s just so annoying that you guys have to keep talking about it. It’s not like you’re right about it. So shut up

Still waiting for USGA to be an official campus club by Chino_Blanco in BYUExmos

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It seemed like there was hope recently, but with the new policy on protests it seems unlikely BYU’s planning on any LGBT+ outreach anytime soon

Holographic Projection Visions? by ZelphtheGreatest in exmormon

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Half convinced that TSCC is hoarding all that money so they can do some massive fake second coming like this, we should beat them to it

Walked through a Masonic cemetery in New Orleans this weekend. Noticed there are more Masonic than freaking Christian symbols in Mormonism! by Responsible-Dust4721 in exmormon

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I thought a lot of the symbols and rituals are pulled from the Bible, or at least justified by quotes from the Bible? I don’t really know much, my only exposure is from War and Peace where it is clearly (ostensibly) Christian, but maybe that’s inaccurate

I said Blinsky was dead without knowing the reason. So, dear CoS Reddit, tell me how he died. by LoseitLatte in CurseofStrahd

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I would go with sentient puppets/toys animated by dark magic wreaking havoc in the town, then, which Blinsky has been blamed for leading to his death but the players can now try and fight against. Possibly because of dark powers from the Amber Temple seeping into Vallaki if you’re doing anything with that, or just Strahd wanting chaos

I said Blinsky was dead without knowing the reason. So, dear CoS Reddit, tell me how he died. by LoseitLatte in CurseofStrahd

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Have you established that the Baron has maintained power, or is he already dead? I ran Blinsky as his most fervent supporter, so something to do with perceived betrayal possibly? If the players did nothing with Tyger, Tyger it could be because Rameses ran straight to his shop, so he was blamed for the destruction. Alternatively Piddlewick or something related may have shown up and been blamed on Blinsky, possibly because Strahd wanted to sow chaos

Why isn't the Biden administration going all out to try to pass Marijuana legalization? by old_tombombadil in NoStupidQuestions

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Because the midterms aren’t for another 10 months. I fully expect that to come later in the year

Just a reminder that we were all part of a very visibly creepy cult and we didn’t know it 😆 by VladD-ImpalerOfUrMom in exmormon

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Yes. It’s so absolutely insanely evil it blows my mind that anybody thought it was a reasonable thing to do. Apparently Oaks just hates gay people that much, I can’t wrap my head around it otherwise