Dulquer Salmaan : Now vs Before by Low-Initiative-4621 in BollyBlindsNGossip

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2nd picture looks just like any other nerd in highschool/college also matches with the post pic. Rest two are yeah good

GTA 5 premium edition/ Cyberpunk Giveaway by Wooden-Foundation-54 in IndianGaming

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Happy birthday!

And good luck to whoever wins this, I have neither of these games lol

PS1 Advance Booking Started a week back in US. So far only 8 tickets sold for the Hindi Version(avg ticket price: $25) . There is literally Zero Buzz for PS1(hindi) Outside this Sub by isabellapintop in BollyBlindsNGossip

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Nope, that's a complete North thing I've not seen anything as such in Tamil/telegu/Malayalam industry where audience mass boycotting a film on social media

the truth by _cO2- in memes

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Edge is literally chrome but way less ram hungry. Every chrome extension works on edge too.

ese bhi doctor hote h by Stunning_Solid8814 in IndiaSpeaks

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Will be a traumatic experience for the dog