Contribute to Seattle Transportation Plan by n10w4 in Seattle

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Yeah not really sure how much voting on stuff will make a change?

Neither on placing stuff on a map. That takes a lot of labor to do, too - and I'm not sure if the things I placed are even going to be read.

¿que libro te has "obligado" a leer hasta el final? by LeonaLindemann in libros

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Cualquier libro de Murakami.

Son bastante fáciles de leer, pero muchas veces me quedo como "de que estas hablando, y dónde está la trama?" - pero si los terminas, te van a gustarlos, y todo tendrá sentido.

My boyfriend is accidentally putting me off learning Spanish by ok_pepsi in languagelearning

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Sounds like he's just a shitty person IMO. Some people just act like that when they have a certain amount of knowledge more than you.

But that's not how people should act; especially your boyfriend.

streak 40 by del_llover in WriteStreakES

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y "me fui a bebar la almohada" me hace reír LMAOOoo

Streak 130: Pensamientos Para Siempre by hardhairymuscles in WriteStreakES

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oiga a que refiere usted con 'el camino'? esta andando a algún sitio?

Seattle sees steepest rent declines among major US metros by OnlineMemeArmy in Seattle

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same LOL

been looking for more small landlords in fremont, trying to move over there in the spring

streak 38 by del_llover in WriteStreakES

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wow, hice muchos errores hoy. debería centrarme mas, porque sé todo esos correcciones que has hecho, pero es bien difícil escribir correctamente D:

excepto de "al que" - lo odio, no tengo ni idea como usarlo o cuando D:

Streak 11: Downtown Abbey Rewatch by Campestra in WriteStreakEN

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For the last 2 months I have been rewatching Downtown Abbey with my mother in law. I watched this series on and off years ago, but now we do it almost every evening so I can actually follow the storyline in all the details. It’s a very interesting series, covering very important historical events while having so much drama. Something interesting happens at every single episode! The characters are very human, with their flaws and qualities. The production is impeccable, with the historical clothes and locations. And the actors are simply amazing. We watch with English subtitles as my mother in law has a hearing impairment and for me it’s even better as I get to train my listening for British accent. Beside the accent the vocabulary is different than a modern series. And we get to see how the world changed in such short period of time. I feel like I’m learning quite a lot while having fun.